The best horror movies to watch on Netflix in 2020

If this 2020 you are looking to spend a scary time with the light off and the blanket close, Netflix and its horror movies catalog of original content offer you several options.

The Netflix catalog has a repertoire of movies from multiple genres to enjoy when spending time on TV, tablet or mobile, and incidentally make Martin Scorsese rage. Horror is one of the favorite genres of Netflix subscribers, and the platform has opted for scary content to satisfy demand.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of Nettflix movies that we can find in the catalog of the streaming platform to have a chilling time. It should be noted that in addition, we would find numerous itinerant films in the Netflix catalog that will also overwhelm us despite not being original content.

Today at Hobby consoles, the best Netflix original horror movies to watch in 2020 …

In the tall grass

One of the newest additions to the Netflix horror movie category is In the Tall Grass. This original movie from the streaming platform is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King and Joe Hill.

A road trip will be twisted when a mother and her child enter a vast field of tall grass where they do not stop hearing voices and where they will soon discover that they are not the only ones “hiding” under the grass.

The Apostle

We go back with Netflix to the dawn of the 20th century with El Apostol, a 2018 movie that is common in this category of Netflix movies. It is a British film starring Dan Stevens and directed by Gareth Evans.

A young man from a well-positioned family must travel to an island where a sinister sect is holding his sister hostage. To liberate her, she will have to leave her humanity at the door and integrate into that sinister community of cultists. Here you have our criticism of The Apostle.


Another interesting horror movie to find in the 2020 Netflix catalog is Malevolent, a film where paranormal cases will be the order of the day without a doubt.

Two brothers dedicate themselves to swindling people by pretending paranormal cases to get the money out of them. In Malevolent, the two will encounter a paranormal case that turns out to be normal, so the jijis and haha are over and become screams of real terror. Come on, what is being good karma.

The ritual

The little trips of friends are always a good preliminary ingredient for a horror movie. In The Ritual, a group of friends marks a little trip to Sweden; something that many would think was a great idea until they discovered that it was not.

The tension between the members of this old group of friends will cause things during this trip to be far from idyllic.


2019 also saw the arrival of Eli, a Netflix horror movie that has given a lot to talk about. Psychological terror will play an important role within Eli’s plot.

In the film, Eli is a bubble boy who, due to immunodeficiency, is forced to lead a harsh life in isolation from the world. A supposed miraculous treatment causes his parents to take him to a mansion where they will treat him, because everyone knows that the best treatments are given in suspicious Victorian mansions … Here is our review of Eli.


Grudge and revenge are a key piece in our next Netflix horror movie to watch in 2020. It’s about 1922, and it adapts, once again, a Stephen King novel of the same name.

A farmer who fears that his wife will dispose of his precious land ends up killing his wife. So far so good, until once again karma and his wife return to take revenge on the homicidal farmer.

The Silence

When you live in a dystopian and post-apocalyptic future where creatures detect and hunt their prey (humans) through sound, you understand the premise, and title, of The Silence.

Of course, if you do not have enough with these creatures, when you run away with your family and you meet face to face with some sectarians, the thing is not that it improves precisely. Maybe he should have stayed in bed that day …


Martin Freeman takes us with his family in a zombie story, very useful that if, in Cargo. A father will suffer the insufferable to save his children in a world that has been shaken by a zombie apocalypse.

With this we end our recommendations for horror movies to watch on Netflix in 2020, remember that, in addition to these original movies on the platform, you will find many more willing to make you have a terrifying time.

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