5 parts of the car that the DGT advises to disinfect when returning to work

These are the five parts that the DGT recommends cleaning with special care when returning to work. Keep in mind that SARS-COV-2 can stay up to three days on surfaces such as steel and plastic.

After a couple of weeks of total confinement and hibernation of the economy, all those activities in which teleworking is not possible were reactivated. For this, the authorities recommend, whenever possible, the use of private transport to reduce the danger of contagion by coronavirus. The objective is that the return to work is done with caution so take note: these are the five parts that the DGT recommends cleaning with special care.

If we decide to move in our private car both to go to work and for the displacements allowed within the State of Alarm, you will have to take into account some tips.  The first of them involves reviewing some elements such as tire pressure or the condition of the battery since the stoppage may have affected them especially. The second is to be extremely careful when we go to a gas station or service station: the dispensers are places with numerous bacteria and viruses and to manipulate them the best thing is to do it with disposable gloves.

The third has to do with our vehicle: according to experts, the Covid-19 can stay up to three days on surfaces such as steel and plastic. Indeed, they are very common elements in any car and therefore, in addition to ventilating it frequently, it is advisable that we clean it and disinfect it with bleach or liquid with alcohol every time we go to get behind the wheel.

The five fundamental parts

The DGT, has created a guide so that we can carry out this process safely and, furthermore, it affects the five elements to which we must pay special attention …

1. Door handle, gear lever and steering wheel

Taking into account the direct contact we have with these elements of our car, it is necessary that we wash them daily.  Do not forget to do it both when entering the vehicle and when you get off it.

2. Car mats

This part requires regular cleaning because it accumulates a lot of dirt, a treatment that we must multiply in this exceptional situation. If your cloth mats, the most advisable is to use a brush and then vacuum. If they are rubber, apply a jet of hot pressurized water and a product that kills viruses: bleach, soapy water, alcoholic water, disinfectant gel …

3. Dashboard

It is a part of the cabin that easily becomes a source of dust and dirt. Therefore, to this habitual cleaning that is recommended to do, we must add the use of a disinfecting liquid.

4. Vents

In order to avoid clogging and therefore dirt, dust and viruses to accumulate, the most effective formula is to clean them with a vacuum cleaner.

5. Windows

When in contact with the outside, it is advisable to wash them often and carry out these two steps:  disinfect them with any of the solutions mentioned above, and then wipe with a glass cleaning liquid.

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