The foods you should never eat on board an airplane

There are foods and drinks that you should never eat on board and airplane when traveling by plane.

If most people consume the food that is offered on board an airplane, there are some who prefer to bring their meal from home. Many are also those who have snacks with them, just to buffer the situation in case of sudden hunger attacks. Did you know that there are foods that should never be consumed in flight? Let’s find out what they are.

The first rule to follow when on board is far too simple: you should never disturb other passengers. This is not only true for the noisy noises or for the fight to conquer the armrest, but also for what you eat. As flight attendants reveal, bringing pungent smelling foods is the worst thing you can do. Foods like cheese, fish, eggs or garlic-flavored courses can be really smelly, and fill the cabin with their stench in no time – on the contrary, that smell takes a long time to leave, especially in a closed environment like the plane. Keep reading reheat chicken wings.

Snacks can also reveal many pitfalls. It starts with the chips, which can be very noisy, up to all those foods that produce an incredible amount of crumbs or other dirt. Think about it: nobody would like to sit next to someone crumbling biscuits on the seat and on the tray. Not to mention the flight attendants, who during the flight will not be able to help but think about the time they will have to spend cleaning up before re-boarding. And if the snack is for a child, the risk of seeing dirt everywhere it is even more concrete. So pay some attention, and maybe leave the chocolate for when you get home, so as to avoid fingerprints on the seats.

One thing that many will surely never have thought about is the possibility of an allergic reaction. Not yours, of course, but that of some other passenger. One of the most common is the allergy to nuts, which in severe cases can trigger an attack even without ingesting the offending product. If your seat neighbor suffers from this condition, he may have problems when eating peanuts and similar snacks. If in doubt, prefer some other food.

Finally, pay attention to the drinks. It is advisable to always stay hydrated during a long flight – this is also an excellent remedy for jet lag – but usually we refer to simple natural water. The soft drinks are not recommended because they cause intestinal discomfort, and if we talk about disturbance to other passengers, we cannot forget how these drinks are particularly sticky. If you have to spill a little on the ground or on the seat, it will not be easy to clean without leaving a trace.

The alcohol, however, produce undesirable effects. Not only does it aggravate dehydration, but it slows down reflexes (don’t forget that at high altitude our body reacts differently, and is more sensitive to the effects of alcohol. In case of need, such as an emergency evacuation, drinking too much liqueur could make a difference.

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