Tips For Keeping Your Conservatory Warm in Winter

Many homeowners find that their conservatories are too cold to use during the winter months. There are several ways to keep your conservatory warm in winter. You can use electric heating systems to keep the space comfortable. Alternatively, you can consider insulating the conservatory roof and this can be retrofitted. To find out more about the advantages of Conservatory Roof Conversions Cheltenham, go to a company like

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Electric heaters are another great option for heating your conservatory. They are easy to install and can be turned on as and when required. However, you must remember that electric radiators will lose heat through the glass, so you will need to make sure you turn them on only when you need to be in the conservatory.

The most efficient solution is to connect your conservatory to your home’s central heating and while you’ll not likely need planning permission to do this, you will still need to meet building regulations.

Floor coverings can also contribute to the warmth of the room. Tiles are convenient and easy to maintain, but they are quite cold in winter. Wooden floorings, in contrast, feel warmer. Large rugs can also help in insulating the room. If you have an older conservatory, consider getting a carpet to help keep it warm.

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Another great way to keep your conservatory warm in winter is to use blinds or curtains. These will help prevent heat from escaping and will help save money on energy bills. You can also replace the windows and ceiling of your conservatory to improve its thermal efficiency.


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