Being Healthy in Winter – Three Winter Health Risks

The winter months are a more difficult time when it comes to health. The cold weather brings with it more risks and especially for older people this can make life tough. Here are three things that can be risky for older people in the winter and the things that can help to reduce the risks…

Risk of Falling – As the ground becomes more slippery, there is a much greater risk of falling and causing an injury. The wet autumn leaves as well as the ice and snow are the biggest causes of this in the winter months, although not the only ones. Using things like walking sticks and support when out and about, as well as things like these bathing aids in the home can help to reduce the risk of falling and causing an injury.

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Being too Cold – The cold can cause numerous health problems and it is particularly dangerous to older people. Make sure that you and your home are warm, particularly in the bedroom. Use additional blankets and buy a thermometer to make sure that the temperature is high enough in the home.

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Winter Bugs – In the winter all sorts of bugs go around. As we approach the winter, vulnerable people will be offered a flu vaccine which is a good way to reduce your risk of contracting the flu which can be very serious in older people and even deadly. Eating well and taking vitamins is also important to help you stay well over winter.

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