A Business Plan For The Sewing Workshop

At all times, sewing production has been stable and profitable, so opening a sewing workshop for today is no exception. As with any reliable business, there must be a foundation. In this case, the basis will be a professional business plan for the sewing workshop, which describes the sequence of the whole procedure.

The business plan of the sewing workshop contains a common, financial and production part.

The general part of the business plan for the sewing workshopA Business Plan For The Sewing Workshop

First, you need to determine the organizational and legal structure of the business. Let it be – an individual entrepreneur, as consumers will be private individuals. Therefore, this will simplify accounting and help reduce taxation. Sewing shop will be engaged in accepting orders and sewing ready-made garments, as well as repairing and restoring clothes.

The business plan for the sewing workshop provides for the analysis of the market, where it is necessary to determine the level of competition and assess the opportunities for entering the market with this project. It is worth considering all the shortcomings and misses of potential competitors, so as not to repeat their mistakes.

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Production part

A large room is needed for the sewing workshop. It is better to choose a room that does not require major repairs and has a voltage of 380V. The team consisting of 10 people will require a room with an area of not less than 100 square meters. After identifying with the location of the sewing workshop, you should prepare a working project, which will be necessary for inspections of various instances. Registration of this project will cost $300-500. for sq.m. A separate article will be the purchase of raw materials. This will require about 30 thousand Dollars.

The next step, which includes a business plan for the sewing workshop, is the purchase of sewing equipment. The main equipment for the workshop will be multifunction machines and a multi-operation machine. To begin with, it is worth buying 3-4 units, which will cost 300 thousand Dollars. As production is expanding, you should increase their number to 10 units. Also, overlock, chairs, steam generators, mirrors, lighting devices and mannequins are needed, which in money terms will be about 80 thousand Dollars.

The next stage, which provides a business plan for the sewing workshop, will be recruitment. It should be noted that a good designer requires huge expenses, so to begin with, you can hire people with little experience.

The productivity of the enterprise will be 30-60 items per day, which will begin to bring profit from the first months of the sewing workshop.A Business Plan For The Sewing Workshop

The financial part of the business plan for the sewing workshop

The business plan of the sewing workshop includes a financial part that shows how profitable this business is and in what period the cash investments will pay off. If we compare costs and incomes, then the opening of the sewing workshop is a very promising and profitable business, the payback period of which is about a year. Of course, you need to carefully consider all the features of this activity, having studied the supply and demand in the market, and choose the right tactics for doing business.

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