Biking Orange County: Best Trails & Where To Stop Along the Way

Orange County is famous for good weather, prosperity, and outdoor activities such as surfing and cycling. Whether you are a visitor or a resident, there are many unique bike trails of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty in Orange County to try out with your womens hybrid bike.

Upper Newport Bay

At 10.5 miles, Upper Newport Bay is a longer trail. However, with the exception of one steep hill, it is mostly flat. The trail offers scenic views, and people interested in looking at wildlife particularly enjoy riding along the estuary during the winter months because it can attract up to 30,000 birds. There are two places to stop and rest during or after your ride. You and your party can park your hybrid bikes for men at Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center for a rest or stop for lunch at the café at the Newport Dune Resort.

Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway

This trail is a collaborative effort involving the counties of San Bernardino and Riverside as well as Orange County. It is one of the longest open tracks for bike riders and is planned to extend over 74 miles. It is free to use, mostly flat, and extends through both natural landscapes and urban areas. Designed to allow you to ride long distances without having to stop at intersections, a portion of it ends at Green River Road in Corona, which is one good place to stop.

Fullerton Loop

Multiple city trails collectively make up the Fullerton Loop. It spans 11.5 miles and goes through undeveloped areas as well as portions of the actual city. There are alternate routes offering varying terrain for riders to choose from. Some routes are beginner-friendly, though riding with a friend is still recommended. Juanita Cooke, Fullerton, is both the starting and ending point of the trail.

Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

If you’re looking for a challenging ride on unpaved bike trails in a pristine natural setting, this may be the place for you. There are 18 trails where bikes are allowed, some appropriate for beginner and intermediate riders and some only suitable for experts. The nearly 4,000 acres of the park are not subject to landscaping and are kept in a natural state. The park is famous for its wildflowers in the spring, and there are no non-native plants.

Limestone Canyon and Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park

This park boasts 15 different biking trails ranging from smooth to rugged. Though the park is located in the city, park rangers work to make it feel as though you are out in the wilderness. The wildlife that lives here, including the endangered cactus wren, helps to reinforce this impression. The scenery is another major attraction, with the island of Catalina visible from certain trails on a clear day.

When you purchase ebikes Orange County to check out some of these trails, be sure you are aware of their classification and where they are allowed. While Class 1 and Class 2 ebikes can ride on any paved surface where regular bikes can go, they may not be allowed on unpaved trails.

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