Benefits of image proctoring

Higher education particularly in terms of examination is undergoing a tremendous revolution. With the advancement in the field of learning methods and technology, it is essential to have safe methods for conducting the examination. Proctoring is one such latest method that helps to conduct time-bound examinations with help of specifically designed software.

It has become a go-to – solution and foremost thing for different educational institutions, colleges, and Universities. It is a combination of technologies including high-speed internet connection and computer device. This has helped to extend its reach across different geographies and has helped conduct the examination from the remote area as well. There are different types of online proctoring including audio proctoring, video proctoring, and image proctoringIt helps the educational institutions to conduct cheating- free exams.

Though online exams are an easier way to conduct exams as compared to offline exams, it is a must to have some integrity in case of online exams. AI-based methods have greater efficiency and lower error rates. Human minds with the latest technologies such as Artificial intelligence can prove to be very helpful. This software has also brought human intervention down. The monitoring and storage of data can now be done directly. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of audio proctoring. These are: 

  1. No need for physical centres: The online conduct of exams has reduced the need for physical examination centres. Traditionally, exam centres were well equipped with proper seats for all, and other arrangements were made beforehand. Online exams have put an end to all of these. Exams can be given from anyplace and invigilation can be done from remote areas.
  2. 3-Point authentication of the candidates: This software ensures the authenticity of the candidate appearing for the exam. There are a series of identity checks. At first, the candidate has to get themselves registered, upload the Id proofs, and then click the real-time picture of themselves while appearing for the exam. The remote proctoring also keeps a check on the surrounding of the test taker’s and ensure that there is no chance of cheating or getting undue benefit during the exam. It ensures the candidate’s authentication before taking up the exam.
  3. Can not browse any other thing: While appearing for the examination, the candidate may try to open other windows along with the exam. With the use of such software, this thing can be eliminated and the candidate can not open any other browser or window during the duration of the test. At times they may be prevented from assessing the internet.
  4. Disables the sharing options: With the use of such software, the individual is prevented from sharing any information during the examination. It disables certain features of browsers and new tabs, search engines and websites, screen sharing, external ports and printing, data sharing and cut, copy, paste option.
  5. Suitable for all types of exams: This software is adaptable to all kinds of tests or exams. These can supervise all kinds of exams including aptitude, essay types, objective type, or subjective type. It also helps in conducting digital exams.
  6. Prepares the credibility index report: At the end of each test and exam, it prepares a credibility report taking into consideration the different measures. These include the number of times something is flagged during the exam, the type of flag action, and the cheating probability of the candidate.
  7. Real-time photograph of the candidate: The software clicks the real-time photograph of the candidate. It captures random pictures of the candidate during the duration of the test like after every ten or twelve seconds.
  8. Storage and review of time-stamped photographs: The photographs clicked by the software’s webcam are time-stamped and stored for review. These may be stored on the cloud to review as and when required.
  9. Eliminates the chances of cheating online: The proctoring software helps to reduce the chances of cheating online due to the remote are proctoring. Though the invigilator is not physically present the chances are minimal due to various steps taken. These deny the assess to various external and secondary devices.
  10. Easy and cost-effective method: It is a convenient and cost-effective method of conducting the exams. There is no need for infrastructural logistics. An individual can appear for the exam from any place. Sometimes there is discretion in the time, so that individuals can appear for the exam as per their convenience.
  11. Reduce errors: Artificial intelligence can lower down the errors. Humans get tired and could commit mistakes but this software is designed to handle large databases. They could give accurate predictions and data-backed insights. Though these can not replace humans and their interventions but help to reduce the errors that usually occur.
  12. Secured information: All the information collected before the exam is secured and saved properly. There are precautions taken for data leaks and other illegal activities. The software operates take various steps to ensure the safety of the data beforehand. Most of the data is transferred and stored in an encrypted manner. 

Image proctoring is thus a great way to conduct online examinations. The candidates are clicked in real-time and time-stamped photographs are collected for review. This is beneficial both for the candidates a d the educational institutes in terms of time, cost, and efforts saved. This has helped to make the distance issue between both the parties immaterial. The invigilation can be done easily and that too without the involvement of human invigilators. It is used by Universities, Companies, governments, and various Certified programs. These make the use of the latest technology and hence the chance of commitment of errors is reduced to a great extent. The assessment reports and results can also be generated directly. All the information related to student, their test, assessment, performance, and other information that would have been recorded in the offline examination is stored online directly.

Therefore, with the new learning methods coming in and e-learning becoming important for every educational institution, proctoring is also becoming very important simultaneously. One can go for this software to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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