All-Natural CBD Treats For Your Dog

Having studied religiously for 4-years in catering silver-service to be a chef and then working a further 25 years in the industry, I am well-versed in the practice of trying new recipes, experimenting and being innovative with ingredients.

While that chapter of my life has finished, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a tremendous amount of not only cooking techniques but life skills. However, the urge to try a few new tricks or two has not changed.

I have had great fun finding new products and ingredients on the market and seeing how best to implement them into our diets and family nutrition dynamics. I have especially been interested lately in cooking with wholesome and more natural, organic items which bring me to our conversation today. 

The wonder plant and its many uses.

Having been recommended CBD by a friend who has created specialized dishes in her café with it, I began my research into how this flower can add to our lives and that of our pets. CBD is essentially a home-grown plant that when extracted using the safest and most efficient method of CO2 extraction, the list of health benefits is astonishing.

The history of CBD is centuries old, see this link to read more about it. People have been using it to treat ailments in themselves, family members, as well as their beloved pets, and with much success.

Thus, taking this on board, I decided to try some cooking with the plant and if possible help my bulldog Bruiser approach his golden years with less pain and stress, and mend or manage the pain he may be experiencing but unable to communicate. I began using it on a trial basis and have never looked back.

CBD recipes.

I went through all avenues of the food index from cakes to cupcakes, muffins to brownies, and for Bruiser, the bone-shaped cookies went down a treat. I added a few grams of the product to the mix before baking and once done I dropped with my CBD oil dispenser a few spots along the surface of the biscuit to soak in.

He was none the wiser and I could increase the health value of his diet without much fuss from him. Win-win. I then began making smaller bite-sized treats to package and take with us on dog walks if needed or when traveling away for the long weekend. My husband commented after a week or two that he could see a new spark in Bruisers step.

While he isn’t a spring chicken and we weren’t expecting him to be running laps around the garden, he did have more energy and wasn’t completely exhausted after our daily walks. He would usually take a while and substantial encouragement to get the urge to go for the walk in the first place, but now his new zest for life has him waiting by the door.

Take a look here to see my and Bruisers favorite, easy to make CBD treat and for some inspiration to get your spark relit in the kitchen. Your family will soon be eating baked goods for days without realizing the health benefits they are receiving.

Where to shop.

If you are new to the world of CBD you will notice there aren’t that many CBD supermarkets on the high street, more along the lines of pop up shops or boutiques that specialize in the ingredient.

Some more modern convenience stores have begun stocking a small number of various items to perhaps see how the consumers receive it and to keep up with what is becoming the increasingly popular go-to product for health aids or treatment.

Online, on the other hand, does have a large variety of suppliers offering different methods of use and for animals to humans, all claiming to be the best no doubt, knowing who to use can be tricky. This is where a bit of homework is required and professional guidance if you have it.

For a helping hand, and which I found useful, take a minute to check out where you can browse unpressured to purchase while seeing the options available and choosing one that will be best personalized to your pets’ needs.

The great feature of this flower is that there is something for everyone and essentially a non-chemical based medical help for a long list of ailments. We know the ingredients label on medicines these days are getting longer and most of the names are unrecognizable, so when it comes to CBD it gives you peace of mind that you know what you are getting and putting into your dogs’ system.

3 Reasons why CBD is beneficial for your pet.

  • When the system and blood flow are properly regulated and managed the risk of blood clots and inflammation is significantly reduced, thus the cardiac muscle is not working under pressure and increasing the chances of arresting.
  • The neurons in the neuro system send pulses uniformly to and from the brain, and so with the outbursts of pulses eliminated the cause for seizures is taken away and your pet will experience significantly fewer fits. The traumatic part is that they have no idea what has happened after this episode making it that much more detrimental.
  • The cannabinoids in the plant interact and reacts with the receptors already present in the body, thus with all systems well maintained and managed it creates an overall sense of well-being and your pet can lead a more quality life.

This ingredient has been a game-changer as they say and as it travels around the world it is changing the perspective of more natural options when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and a healthier lifestyle in general.

You may have a pet who is riddled with aches and pains and having tried everything the vets or medical practitioners have suggested there seems to be no change, having found this new product what have you got to lose by implementing it into their diet? Give them the life they deserve.

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