OSRS Money Making For F2P Players

Old School Runescape, or RuneScape 2007, is well known for its quality gameplay experience. Earning it the reputation of being the most popular MMORPG since the early 2010s. With a wide range of diverse possibilities, it allows its players to craft their own journey that enables them to stay motivated.

Old School RuneScape players are classified into two categories, one is free-to-play (F2P) and the other is Pay-to-play (P2P).

F2P players are in an uphill battle against P2P players in terms of leveling up their skills or doing quests since there are some skills and quests that are exclusive to paying members.

The same can be said to making money in Old School RuneScape. For this reason, we have created this OSRS F2P money making guide to help you earn enough OSRS gold that you can use to improve your character and acquire better items.

Mining Iron Ore:

The process of mining iron ore is one of the best money-making methods in Old School Runescape since it helps in adding 20,000 experience in mining per hour and also make you a good amount of OSRS GP. For this method, you will need to be at least level 40 Mining and have a good pickaxe that you can use.

This mining method can earn you a good amount of gold that translates to about 150K per hour. This is why it’s worth it to train your mining skill at the beginning.

Collecting cowhides 

The most popular money making method for RuneScape beginners is collecting cowhide since it has no requirement. Interesting, right?

Each cow killed drops cowhides that are worth 150 RS GP each. You can get up to 75k RS GP per hour depending on your current combat level.

Cutting Oak Logs:

Considering how simple this method is, it is ideal to start cutting oak logs when you reach level 15 Woodcutting. You earn can up to 100k RS GP per hour. It is recommended to use the best ax that you can get your hands on to get better earnings per hour. A steel ax is more suitable for cutting oak logs.

Collecting Anti Dragon Shield:

If you are a F2P player and in dire need of more OSRS gold, then you can become a collector of Anti Dragon Shields.  Once you complete the dragon slayer, you can buy some Antidragon shields. You can earn about 1000k RS GP per hour by trading them.

Crafting Gold Jewellery:

If you want to gain a good amount of money in Gielinor, crafting gold jewelry can be a profitable path for you. You need to toggle your running energy levels when walking with the gold bars as they are heavy, your character might be slow so it’s recommended that your work on your Agility as well. You can earn a profit of about 100k per hour doing this OSRS money making method.

Buy OSRS Gold Online

Tired of grinding your way to making more OSRS gold? You can simply buy OSRS gold online and use them right away. There are a handful of trusted RS gold sites like Probemas that you can transact with so you’re certain that you’ll be getting safe OSRS GP.

Killing Ogres

Killing ogres is another popular method used by F2P players to make more GP. This also helps increase your combat skill levels since you will be fighting against them. You will need to complete the Corsair Curse quest, have some good food, and good armor to become successful in slaying those ogres.

Cooking Tunas

Cooking tunas is a great method to make money and is highly profitable. It is recommended for players who want to level up their Cooking skills quickly. For this method, you will need cooking level 30, but having level 63 cooking is recommended, and raw tunas. What makes it highly profitable is the great demand for tunas in the Grand Exchange.

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