7 ideas for a baby room in neutral tones

A baby room in neutral tones, boring? None of that, today we show you 7 ideas that will inspire you when decorating it.

If you are looking for ideas for decorating a baby room in neutral tones, today we show you a few examples to inspire you. Because a room in neutral tones does not have to be dull or boring. And these examples prove it. Do not miss them!

Neutral colors are ideal for decorating baby’s room because they transmit harmony and create a calm and relaxed mood. That way we encourage the baby’s rest. In addition, light colors will help you make the most of light and make space seem larger.

The furniture in white and natural wood tones are your best allies to achieve a perfect color range. Do not miss these ideas that will surely inspire you to decorate your room. Current ideals with neutral colors for an original baby room and full of charm.

Another element that characterizes these neutral rooms is the use of handmade decorative elements. The carpets, the puffs, the wicker baskets or raffia, … All this brings a lot of warmth and a more personal point. And also the use of plant elements in the decoration. Let yourself be inspired!

 Baby room in neutral tones and lots of lightbaby room

One of the ideas that have conquered us is that of this baby room very natural and clear with gray carpet. A serene space that enhances light and that will surely help the baby to sleep. The natural tones of the wood contrast with the white walls and part of the furniture highlight and provide naturalness.

The range of colors is very basic with elements such as the rocking chair or wardrobe that bring much warmth and some touches of orange and blue. White walls and details that make a difference because they are handmade items such as this rug or the leather puff. If you like it, you can see all the decoration here.

A very special wallbaby room

In this baby room in neutral tones one of the walls steals all the protagonist … and it is not for less. It is a mural with a smoke effect and that gives the children’s room a really original and unique air, do not you think? It is a photomural that is placed as if it were wallpaper.

In addition, this baby room includes other details that we have fallen in love with, such as the rack with pipe supports. Or the opposite wall where shelves and drawers have been installed but with the decorated wall so fun. The mixture of metals is another hallmark and a great success.

Because a baby room in neutral tones does not have to be impersonal and this example shows it. Do not miss any details.

Baby room in natural inspirationbaby room

In this baby room, the first thing our eyes see is that sheet paper so natural. A refreshing touch of green that goes perfectly with the rest of the baby room in shades of white, gray and brown.

Another idea that we love is the use of wicker baskets, raffia or cane that we are seeing in many of the rooms. They serve to store toys or blankets and add a very natural touch to the decoration. And also the use of handmade rugs that bring warmth to the rooms and a soft play space for the baby.

Moroccan inspirationbaby room

The trips to Morocco were the initial inspiration for this baby room that also opts for a neutral palette to make the most of the light. Cushions, puff, lamp and raffia baskets provide an ethnic touch as well as the picture of the camel and the carpet.

It has also conquered the wallpaper off the wall with rising moons and the wooden shelving decorated with great care. And with natural and green touches to create a perfect room for the little one in the house. We love this room!

Geometrybaby room

Another trend that takes time with us and that seems not to want to leave is geometry. The Nordic style has made it one of its characteristics and we love it in this baby room. A wall with geometric detail in gray becomes the center of the room.

We also love the tipi to play and the contrast of white and gray with wood tones. And the game of textures that create a very cozy and comfortable environment, ideal for a baby, do not you think?

Tropical touchbaby room

The tropical style is fashionable and we can also inspire him for the baby’s room. But instead of using it in strong colors we can choose a wall like the one shown below. A decoration of soft and warm tropical inspiration.

We also loved the corner to sleep the baby with a cane hanging chair that can later be used as a reading corner. Ideal! Again we see elements that repeat themselves like the puff or the basket of raffia. Fix them for your baby’s room and you’ll get it right!

Boho chic baby roombaby room

Another one of the styles that continue causing furor is the boho chic, that mixture of bohemian style with a chic touch and perfectly studied that devastates. Also in the nursery, we can use it as a result as nice.

But instead of using it in colors we can opt for its more neutral version with white, black and brown tones. But without losing its essence. Macrame elements, handmade rugs, blankets with ethnic patterns, plants in wicker baskets and other handcrafted pieces. A winning and very original set that you can easily copy.

We also love the detail of the shelf with perforated panels, another trend on the rise. And the furniture in dark wood in contrast with the light tones of the walls.


What do you think of these baby rooms in neutral tones? Do you like the idea? What is your favorite? You can see more examples on my Pinterest page. We are looking forward to your opinion. We love the idea of including elements such as raffia baskets, wicker swings and handmade textiles that bring a lot of warmth and a very modern touch. We hope you liked the article. Happy week.


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