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The increase in vans and cars on the UKs roads shows no sign of reducing. Despite a short lull of some 2 years during the COVID pandemic when many of us were forced to stay at home, the levels of traffic have begun to rise steadily again. This is because we either choose to return to the office or are forced back in through request, desire or necessity. Even before the pandemic, the issue of making road traffic more visible, especially at dusk and night time represents a serious challenge to car and van manufacturers plus the government, alike.

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One of the simplest and most immediate ways to ensure that a van is seen is to have some Chapter 8 Chevrons added to the back or sides of the vehicle. The chevron is an ancient heraldic symbol that is not hard to spot or distinguish. Its most common use is on roadsides to indicate to the driver that they are approaching a sharp or tight bend that will require them to take care and slow down. If not, they risk the chance of a serious accident as the car will not be able to make the bend if taken at excessive speed.

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With this in mind, fluorescent chevrons on the back and sides of a medium sized van can prove to be a very effective method of illuminating the vehicle to other road users and should reduce the chances of the van being involved in a collision.

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