8 Tricks to keep the refrigerator clean and tidy

To achieve a clean and tidy refrigerator you do not have to be an expert Tetris player, much less. The reality is that cleanliness and order are not about stacking the products perfectly. But knowing how to distribute them to take advantage of the space. The goal is to store everything in the place where it can be better cooled and the air can circulate throughout the interior of the refrigerator.

Surprised? If so, surely you will think: what now? Well, we tell you that the first thing you have to take into account is the areas of the refrigerator: upper shelves, central, lower and door. In each of these zones, you will place a certain group of products so that they can be properly preserved.

It is inevitable to ignore the next step: empty the refrigerator for a moment and clean it thoroughly. For this, we will use a cloth with water and the product of our preference, although it is recommended to opt for a neutral soap since it does not leave any odor. It also serves well soap (in cream or liquid) for dishwashers. There are many more products intended for this purpose, although it is not advisable to abuse these since then our food can absorb the chemicals.

Distribution is key

Once you have your refrigerator clean, the first thing you should do is place the products that are not so vulnerable to changes in temperature at the door. The reason for this is very simple: at the door, it is much more difficult for the cold to concentrate;  therefore, it is not the most suitable place for products such as milk; instead, it is a good place for marmalade, sauces, honey, wines, mineral water, and eggs.clean and tidy

Only milk products, bread, and delicatessen products are placed on the upper shelf.  Then it should include yogurt, milk, cheese, butter, ham, bread and the like. On the next shelf, are located those fruits and vegetables that we consume most often (usually are lettuce and tomatoes). You can also have the second shelf to put a container with some prepared food that will be consumed in the coming days.

However, on the shelf of less daily use are placed meat and fish, as well as ice cream and ice cubes. And, of course,  in the freezer, only foods that need to be preserved for more than 3 days, properly packaged, are stored. We can make use of some post-its to record the date on which it began to refrigerate a product and when it will expire. You may interest to continue reading: The ideal roof: What is the best solution for my home?

The importance of having a clean and tidy refrigerator

Although it seems a minimal issue, it is necessary to know how to place the products and food in the refrigerator. As this will allow us to keep everything much better. And, of course, avoid saturating the shelves with elements placed at random. This is part of the importance of having a clean and tidy refrigerator.clean and tidy

On the other hand, it is, neither more nor less, than our pocket. And the reason is very simple: to have a clean refrigerator, we will not be constantly buying products that we already have (although forgotten in some corner). In other words, order and cleanliness represent a considerable saving that will help us maintain the household’s economy.

8 Tricks for easy maintenance keep the refrigerator clean and tidy

  1. Place a layer of absorbent paper or aluminum in the place where you are going to place the vegetables; In this way, the pieces of shells, leaves, and traces of earth will not adhere to the drawer or shelf of the refrigerator. And thus we will not have to clean up any stains in the future. But rather to replace the paper every so often.
  2. Always check that the meat does not leave a trace of blood. As this is one of the main causes of bad smell. Therefore, before placing the meat in its place, we must supervise the packaging or the container. And make sure it does not leak.
  3. It is necessary to make use of the containers since these allow us to better visualize the space and take advantage of it. Avoid using plates, salad bowls, and pots since these will only reduce space. It is preferable that you use the lunch boxes.
  4. Avoid cramming shelves because you can not visualize well with what accounts and what not. Usually, this happens when we have just made the purchase. Before placing everything in the refrigerator, let’s evaluate. If we have not opened the bottle of the new marmalade. It is not necessary to place it in the refrigerator yet, and so with the rest of the products.
  5. Of course, to have a clean and tidy refrigerator is necessary to monitor the food. And discard those that have already expired.
  6. Label those items that may be confusing, for example, mayonnaise and yogurt dressing.
  7. Look for a rotating tray, this can be a great ally when placing a certain group of products (and often used).
  8. Plastic office filing cabinets can be very useful for storing some frozen bags. You will save space and you will have everything well organized.

Final touch

We hope these tricks serve you and soon you begin to perceive the change. Surely the rest of your family also makes a difference!


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