The ideal roof:  What is the best solution for my home?

Not only interiors live the architecture, in fact, the structural elements make up an important chapter within the constructive universe. Roofs and ideal roof are, without any doubt, one of the pillars of any self-respecting construction. Not in a literal sense (that part corresponds more to the foundations) but rather, for its practical application. Aesthetics occupies a prominent place when opting for one or another proposal but, the truth is that, when it comes to choosing, we must not lose sight of the main purpose of these elements which is none other than to protect both the interior space as to those who inhabit it.

The occupying surface, the climatology, the style of construction or the particular budget of the homeowner are some of the issues that must be taken into account when it comes to finding the ideal roof or roofing company. Its design offers a multitude of possibilities adapted to all types of requirements and is that it is not the same to install a roof in the garage, to roof the porch or transform the upper part of the house into a charming roof.

Ideal roof:  What is the best solution for my home?

Ideal roof 

Talking about roofs is talking about protection. This type of constructive elements have an eminently practical purpose and, consequently, their design must serve that functional nature. Achieving a combination of aesthetic appeal and effectiveness will be key to achieving the perfect design.

Although history has left behind a multitude of examples adapted to different architectural styles, the most common roofs that you can find, mainly, in single-family houses around the world are:

Gable roofs: How could it be otherwise, this type of roofs are formed by two inclined planes or skirts joined at the highest midpoint. They are ideal in places where the inclemencies of weather in the form of snow or rain give no respite, in fact, their frequency is a good criterion to choose the degree of inclination. Although it is a roof with a long tradition, its appearance does not stop fitting in modern constructions and, in general, it is economical and easy to build.

Roofs to four glasses of water: In this case, there are two, but four, the skirts that make up this type of roof that, like the previous ones. They are ideal for areas of adverse weather. However, they resist better in areas of strong winds and, although the investment to be made for their construction is greater, they offer the advantage of freeing spaces in the interior that you can use for a multitude of purposes.

Flat roofs: Among the most contemporary proposals are flat roofs, synonymous with modernity and a certain minimalist air that we can appreciate in many projects of our time. Despite their uniform appearance, they have a certain inclination that allows the evacuation of water and, in their favor, highlights an easy maintenance and its capacity as a thermal insulator.

A material for each type of ideal roof

ideal roof

In terms of coverings for roofs and roofs, the possibilities are as varied as possible, although, as usual, it is to opt for traditional tiles. However, the evolution of materials has allowed introducing in this chapter certain nuances or variants capable of giving your roof an aspect totally adapted to your aesthetic requirements. Some of the materials you can use are:

Traditional tiles: These pieces made of baked clay have been, for years, the undisputed queens of the roof and roof coverings. Its ribbed or flat shape, depending on the needs or tastes, gives the covers singular aspects that do not diminish their power as insulation at all.

In addition to the traditional ceramics, you can now find tiles made of metal, asphalt and even wood that offer particular properties in terms of finishes, strength, and insulation.

Slate: They are presented, generally, as flat pieces of the rectangular or square shape and it is a roof covering that fits equally well in cold as well as warm places. In addition, it is highly resistant and requires little maintenance.

Asphalt: This type of coating, also known as bituminous covers, is manufactured from petroleum products and its insulating nature in its greatest contribution. There are different applications and formats which makes this material one of the most versatile and capable of roofing a multitude of scenarios.

More ideas for the ideal roof

ideal roof

Along with the roofs of the house itself, we can find a wide range of proposals aimed at exercising some protection in other scenarios. Pergolas, for example, are an option to take into account to optimize outdoor spaces such as gardens or patios. You can find them in a wide variety of materials and their installation can provide you with the perfect excuse to test your DIY talent.

If you are looking for an original solution for your roof, you can always explore something more elaborate, such as transforming it into a flirtatious rooftop or turning it into an urban garden. You dare?

The best solution, in the hands of professionals

ideal roof

Popular knowledge says that you do not have to start the house on the roof and you do not lack reason. Before embarking on the task of building a roof it is necessary to have the necessary knowledge to make a successful choice. It is not only about determining its appearance, inclination or the materials that will give life to this architectural element but to know which is the best combination.


Finding the right answer depends more easily if you are looking for a good professional in the field and, in the homily, you will find not only great experts but examples of their work that are the best endorsement of the experience. Check all your questions and find the perfect ideal roof for your home.

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