5 Things to Look Out For When Considering a Floor Scrubber for Hire

You’ve probably noticed that many commercial buildings have beautiful hardwood flooring in common areas and at entrances. It’s an excellent choice for businesses like hotels and office spaces that need to impress their visitors.

Unfortunately, it can also be challenging to maintain. Dirt, grime, spills, and other messes can destroy the appearance of these floors fast if left uncleaned for too long.

That’s why so many buildings are opting for a floor scrubber on hire. Professional cleaners come in regularly with specialised equipment to ensure the floors stay clean.

Even when commercial floor scrubbers do the job, understanding what type of floor scrubber is important. It can be tricky since several models are available from various manufacturers. It’s easy to assume that all floor scrubbers are the same, but there are many things to look out for when renting one.

1.   Capacity

You should first consider the capacity of any floor scrubbers you’re considering renting. This number refers to how many square feet a machine can clean in one go.

Knowing how much space you need to be cleaned before choosing which one to rent is important.

For example, say your company has a large warehouse with plenty of floor space. In that case, you may select a larger model that can handle more area at once.

However, suppose you only need to clean a smaller area. In that case, you can consider renting a more compact machine with less capacity. This can help reduce your overall costs without sacrificing the quality of the cleaning job.

2.   Speed

The speed at which your floor scrubbers can operate is also crucial. The floor scrubber’s speed, measured in square feet per minute, can vary significantly from model to model. You must understand the coverage you will need before choosing which one is right for you.

For example, a slower machine may be sufficient for your needs if you only have a few floor space areas that need cleaning daily.

3.    Water Usage

Floor scrubbers are designed to clean large areas in one go, so they can use quite a bit of water if left alone.

This means that if your company has limited resources or access to drinking water, you may want to look into renting a model with lower water consumption rates.

4.   Power Consumption

Before zeroing in on a floor scrubber for hire, you must check how much power the machine uses. Spaces like warehouses or workshops have a large area. Thus, the floor scrubber will no longer be in such areas.

As a result, power consumption will also increase. Therefore you must find a model with lower consumption rates. This way, you can keep the maintenance and electricity costs under control.

5.   Ease of use

Of course, the easier a machine is to use, the quicker it can be put into application.

Floor scrubbers tend to get heavy and bulky. It would be best if you had employees who could bear such equipment.

Moreover, the floor scrubbers of today are designed with advanced technologies – like robotic cleaners. Personnel must be trained accordingly to handle this type of machinery.

Final Say

Hiring floor scrubbers for your commercial space is an excellent method to manage your cleaning requirements. You can make an informed decision based on various factors before finalising a floor scrubber for hire.

Doing so also saves you the capital you would have spent purchasing cleaning equipment. Thus, hiring is cost-effective.

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