5 Engraving Ideas For Your Engagement Ring

So you have decided to commit to your lover for the rest of your life. Well, congratulations on that! It’s a considerable step up your relationship’s ladder, and you can seal the deal by getting down on one knee with a shiny, beautiful ring.

You must choose the right engagement ring because it symbolises your love, adoration and care for your partner. It’s a sign of the eternity you promise to spend with them.

That said, it can also be tough to browse through a significant number of engagement rings Australia. You must consider your budget, partner’s personality, and your preferences.

And if you want to go one step ahead, you can also get the rings personalised by engraving them!

If you are looking for ideas, here are some of the best ones:

1.    Engrave your initials

If you want something simple yet meaningful, you cannot go wrong with getting the initials of your names engraved on the ring. It’s an incredibly excellent idea if you and your partner prefer a minimalistic vibe.

You could also join your initials with a symbol like infinity or a heart. It will take the style of your ring a notch higher.

2.    Add some lovely quote

If there is a saying that resonates with you and your partner, you can get it engraved on the inside of your ring. It could be any phrase you like, as long as it conveys your affection to your partner.

If there is nothing that you can think of, here are a couple of fancy quotes that you can use:

  • “You’re my world.”
  • “Till death do us part.”
  • “Forever and ever.”
  • “Infinity and beyond.”
  • “Beginning of our happily ever after.”

If you prefer something humorous and believe that you are the Ryan Reynolds-Blake Lively of Australia, you can get these funny lines engraved:

  • “Non-refundable.”
  • “Finally!”
  • “Put me back on.”
  • “Is this for life?”
  • “A deal is a deal.”

3.    Mark the date

This one’s a bit obvious, but you can get significant dates of your relationship stamped on the ring. It could be the day you first professed your love to your partner, your birth date, or the day you both went on the first date.

If you have a wedding date in mind, you could also get it etched.

Want to go a step further? Get these dates inscribed in roman numerals or some morse code that only you two would understand.

4.    What about zodiac signs?

Do you like to read your daily horoscope? Believe that your zodiac is in perfect sync with your partner’s? You can include your and your lover’s zodiac sign on the ring.

Make it even more special by choosing a ring with gemstones based on your zodiac.

Moreover, the idea of getting a dainty constellation imprinted on the ring is also fantastic!

5.    Religious quotes are lovely too!

You can get a psalm inscribed if you and your companion are big on religion and spirituality. You can also get a religious symbol like a cross, a nine-pointed star, three goddesses, etc., carved on the ring.

Whatever might be your belief, you can get it done!

Wrapping up

On average, an Australian couple is likely to spend around $5,297 on buying one of the engagement rings Australia. So, when you spend ample money on an engagement ring, make sure it’s customised to your liking.

But before engraving it, be very sure about what you get on it. It will be there for a lifetime, so think it through.

Perhaps choose one of our ideas and see how it goes.

Sylvia James

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