Top 10 WordPress plugins to get rid of 404 errors

Page 404 is a page that appears when the page requested by the user does not exist. This appears as a result of a specific page being removed, a URL error, or de-referenced content. However, when a user falls on a 404 page, he often leaves the site. Which has the effect of making you lose visits and surely sales!

So, how to detect pages 404 to fix them? If not, how to make them attractive to make users want to continue on the site? Several WordPress plugins have the answer!

SEO Redirection Plugin

The SEO Redirection plugin allows users to redirect to similar web pages. At a time when Google heavily penalizes bad user experiences and, therefore, the presence of page 404, this type of tool is essential.

Its goal is to facilitate 301 redirects and permanent redirects. Thus, if you detect a 404 page, you can redirect the broken link to an existing URL, in a few clicks, with the help of this plugin.


The 404page plugin exists in a simple version is a premium version. It allows to inform the user when it is on a dead end page, while retaining it! Indeed, the plugin allows you to customize your 404 pages so that they encourage you to continue browsing.

For example, this WordPress extension allows you to insert a search engine so that the visitor searches for what he wants on your website. You can also put a fun background with a link to your home page.

If page 404 is temporary because you will be posting content soon, the 404page plugin allows you to put a “Coming Soon” page on it.

Forty Four

The Forty Four plugin is ideal for creating 404 pages that load quickly. The solution also allows you to create redirects so that users do not end up in dead ends.

Thus, the referencing of the site is not penalized by the search engines and the Internet users can take full advantage of the different pages of a website.

Custom 404 Pro

The Custom 404 Pro plugin differs from others in the variety of its features. It allows to set up a page of your theme instead of page 404. The user even has the choice! It can create a custom page or choose a URL that will replace page 404. With this tool, it is even possible to track access reports to pages not found.

All 404 Redirect

The All 404 Redirect plugin is very easy to use. Its principle: to propose a redirection 301 (permanent redirection) so that the visitors who find themselves on the page of error are redirected towards the home page. SEO and the user experience remain optimized and everyone is satisfied!

Broken Link Checker

The existence of dead links on your website or WordPress blog may be beyond your control (especially if it is external links). That being said, you will not spend your days checking all the pages, you will not have time to write.

Also have 410 for WordPress

Getting rid of 404 pages is a great idea to maintain top positioning on Google and not scare away users. Redirections are the most recommended solution, but it is possible to customize its page 404 and make it an asset!

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