24 YouTube facts and figures with infographic

YouTube is today one of the most faithful companions of the Internet user. However, that old “acquaintance” also houses some “secrets.” The Go-Gulf.com portal reveals them in this fun infographic:

  1. Chad Hurley , Steve Chen and Jawed Karim were the founders of YouTube .
  2. The idea of ​​creating YouTube came about when Chad Hurley and Steve Chen had some trouble sharing videos that had been recorded at a party at Chen’s apartment in San Francisco.
  3. Google bought YouTube in November 2006 for 1,650 million dollars.
  4. The price for which Google acquired Google equals the value of the 5 Airbus A380 , the largest passenger aircraft in the world.
  5. YouTube is the third most visited portal in the world, according to the Alexa index .
  6. The first video uploaded to YouTube was “Me at the zoo” by Jawed.
  7. The most popular YouTube video is Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video .
  8. 78% of YouTube web traffic comes from outside the United States . This country accounts for only 22% of visits to the famous online video portal.
  9. Follow the United States by number of visits to YouTube Japan (6.7%), Germany (4.8%), India (4.8%), United Kingdom (3.7%), Italy (3.7 %), Brazil (3.6%), Mexico (3.6%), France (3.3%) and Spain (2.7%).
  10. Internet users between 18 and 34 years old (35%) are the most similar to YouTube. They are followed by users between 35 and 49 years (23%), those between 12 and 17 years (19%), those over 50 years (19%), and children between 3 and 11 years (3% ).
  11. YouTube generates 2 billion views every day .
  12. YouTube accounts for 10% of all internet traffic .
  13. The user invests an average of 900 seconds a day on YouTube.
  14. The average duration of videos on YouTube is 2 minutes and 46.17 seconds .
  15. A total of 150,000 feature films are uploaded to YouTube throughout the week .
  16. 829,440 videos are uploaded to YouTube daily .
  17. YouTube uploads 10 videos per second .
  18. Videos that are added up to 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute .
  19. There are so many videos on YouTube that the internet user would take 1,700 years to watch each and every one of them.
  20. YouTube has content agreements with more than 10,000 entertainment industry partners , including giants such as Disney.
  21. Gmail alone represents potentially 6.375 Exa bytes ( 6,375,000,000 GB).
  22. Google would have 2 million servers (in 2008) or 2% of the servers in the world.
  23. 0.01% of the world’s electricity is consumed by Google.
  24. The different search portals have 99.99% up-time.

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