Why We Need to Learn to Compromise to Others

In modern life, compromise has become indispensable lubricant in interpersonal communication and it plays more and more important roles. In the market, buyers and sellers complete their deals through bargaining and compromise. Learn to Compromise

However, in some people’s eyes, compromise seems to be weak and not firm while uncompromised characteristic is the signal of hero. This kind of thinking recognize the relationship between people is conquering and being conquered, and there is no room for communication. In the real life, the relationship between people changes from relying and being relied to relying on each other. Let’s list trade as example. In the past, the shortage of foods decided the dominant position of sellers and prices were quite high. But now, in the buyers’ market formed under market economy, buyers and sellers rely on each other and they finally complete deals through bargaining. In this situation, if the two sides do not want to make a concession, they will lose their opportunity of living and development, and they will fail at last. You may also like to read https://studywatches.com/2016/05/18/learning-to-study-alone/

Compromise does not mean abandoning the principles and blind concessions. It should be distinguished into the wise and the unwise compromises. Sensible compromise is an appropriate exchange. In order to achieve the main goal, people can make the appropriate concessions in secondary goals. This compromise is not entirely giving up their principles, but to ensure the implementation of their requirements through the appropriate exchange. On the contrary, unwise compromise is the lack of proper balance or adhering to a secondary goal and give up the main goal, or the unnecessary high cost of compromise. Therefore, the wise compromise is a kind of art, and it is one of the essential qualities people should master to succeed in modern society.

Compromise is not only a sensible choice but also a kind of virtue. Compromise means the respect to others’ interest and regarding the two sides’ interests as same important. In the society of increasing equality, interpersonal respect is mutual. Only the one who respect others could win others’ admiration. Compromise could help people win others’ respect and become the wise and strong ones in life and career.

How to Overcome and Eliminate Jealousy for Children and Adults

Jealousy is usually a kind of conflicting feeling because others are outstanding than you in some aspects. People often are dissatisfied because others’ ability is higher than themselves. This dissatisfaction will become the hatred. Some people will even be irrational and make some irreparable mistakes.

In fact, jealousy is the natural emotion reveal, which is more easily to be demonstrated on the children. When their parents or relatives treat other children better than them, children will become jealous. Some children will be depressed, sad or indignant, while some children will behave better in front of parents to win their love and attract their attention. Sometimes, some parents tell their children that “We don’t love you any more” after children’s good performance. This is not a good phenomenon. For a long time, children will take it for mistake that their parents do not love them anymore. They will feel to be abandoned. The feeling of abandoning even lead to some vindictive acts, such as playing truant, running away from home and even hurting others deliberately. Therefore, we should not underestimate children’s jealousy.

As the juvenile delinquency rate increases in recent years, children’s psychological health should be paid enough attention to. Parents need to care more about their children’s inner world. They can go travelling with their children and let them experience the parents’ love and make them know that they are irreplaceable. But it is also not right to dote on one child.

Jealousy of adults is relatively easy to solve. Most adults are aware of the existence of certain social unfairness, so there will be many helpless situations. When this happens, many people often comfort themselves by self-mockery, and this is actually useful. When they need to compete and work hard, they should maintain certain enthusiastic and positive attitudes to achieve their ideals.

It is not shameful that people feel jealous, because jealousy is also one of the basic natural emotions of human beings. We should learn to control it and release it and do not let it develop into bigger problems. If you find yourself or friends or relatives cannot control emotions and appear intense jealousy, it is better to promptly consult psychologists or go to the hospital. Do not suffer in silence to avoid worse situations.

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