Sustainable living Tips for environmental sustainability of your home

Caring for the planet is everyone’s responsibility and today we will talk about the sustainable living tips for environmental sustainability of our homes. With small daily gestures, we can make our impact on the environment much lower and in the long term, this can translate into energy savings with considerable resources.

You may not believe it but there are many things you can do to make the environmental sustainability of your home better. Do you want to find out what they are? Let’s go there!

10 sustainable living tips to improve the environmental sustainability of your home:

Getting a home that respects the environment is not as difficult as it seems!  Today we are going to explain 10 points that you can apply in your home if you want environmental sustainability. Do you want to discover them?

Sustainable living Tips

  1. Insulating:

It will properly insulate the ceiling, the walls, and the floor. This is especially important for them who are living on a ground floor or in a house and not on a floor with height. Since the heat will also escape through the floor you must secure your floor. Do you want to know how to apply sustainable living tips to isolate your home? For your walls, you can use dry partition systems like the injection of insulating foam or the rubber coverings. In the case of windows, it is convenient that they are watertight so that there are no air flows and make sure they have double glazing. On the other hand, the most insulating floors are parquet and cork two of the very warm materials that can generate pleasant temperatures by themselves. There is also the option of using flooring, which gives a greater degree of insulation. Keep reading Proposed Land Registry sale prompts Competition Watchdog objection

  1. Replace the old LED bulbs:

You can say they are somewhat more expensive but have you think that using of these kind of sustainable living tips will last a lot longer and are less polluting. There is no doubt the investment is worth it!

Sustainable living Tips

  1. Place atomizers in the taps:

This way you can save up to 50% water every time you open the kitchen or shower tap. The sprays for taps are small devices that are screwed in the mouths of the taps. Its appearance is similar to that of a normal water filter but its difference is immense. Once you install and open the tap, you will notice the same water pressure in there. However, the water that comes out is mixed with air. Therefore, total uses will reduce 30% to 50%. Best thing is using this kind of sustainable living tips will reduce your utility bill and at the same time, the planet will thank you too!

  1. The energy efficiency appliances:

Thanks to a European directive, all household appliances must show a label that shows the energy efficiency of each of the appliances, which allows a quick comparison at the same point of sale of their energy efficiency. Bet on those who have category A on the label and avoid the E, F or G. In the case of cold appliances (refrigerators, freezers and combined), there are two extra categories A + and A ++, which imply a lower relative consumption, reaching consumptions less than 30% of the reference.

Sustainable living Tips

  1. Place double glazed windows:

Applying these types of sustainable living tips, you will save heating and also air conditioning and if you put weather strips on the frames, you will have a double protection against temperature losses. To add on that you will isolate the sound from the outside.

  1. In the sink, bet on a double flush cistern:

Every time we pull the chain we are pouring about 12 liters of water. So in this way, we will reduce the expense by half.

Sustainable living Tips

  1. For urban garden, consider placing a collector for rainwater:

It can be a plastic box or a drum, depending on the space you have and the amount of water you need. All that water that comes out through rain can be easily accumulated to your garden.

  1. Improve the waste management of your home:

You can try to flatten the bricks and cans well before throwing them out.  Separate the plastic plugs – many centers use them for good causes. In this way, you will take more advantage of the garbage bags and you will be able to throw more waste. This kind of sustainable living tips will ultimately reduce the consumption of plastic.

  1. Door holders and window holders:

Door holders and window holders can help maintain natural air currents in your home avoiding annoying slamming doors. In summer, this can be used to cool your home without the need to spend electricity.

Sustainable living Tips

  1. Choose paints correctly:

If you are going to paint your house, choose natural paints that are not toxic, composed of clay, lime, and natural fats.

Besides these 10 sustainable living tips, there are many more things you can do to make your home environmentally sustainable.  Do you dare to start them? Spread these tricks and others that you can think of! Become the voice of the planet!

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