Safety Tips on River Fishing

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Fishing is a fun outdoor activity to do with friends or family members. However, it would be so much fun if safety on the river were taken into consideration while fishing. It will not only make you fishing moment fun and memorable, it could possibly save life as well. One must note that fishing is the river can be dangerous and one of the great examples is the Arkansas River. The reason behind it being dangerous is its large hidden rocks and dikes, deep holes, swift currents, and underwater ledges.

If you are not yet aware of what to consider for a safe river fishing activity, listed below are a few:

  • Safety gear is important every time one is doing and acting. For fishing, it is important to know that wearing a Coast Guard approved type III-V and properly fitted life-jacket at all times when you are near or actually fishing in the river is a great step in keeping yourself healthy while in the river.
  • If you have hear a lot about the “Don’t Drink and Drive” saying, then get ready to hear similar phrase when river fishing. It is highly advised to avoid drinking alcohol while fishing.
  • Keeping yourself still while in the boat will help you a lot from the possible danger of falling into the water. Now you can go boating! Visit FL boat exam.
  • Avoid from fishing in the river alone. It is highly recommended that a friend or two must be taken along when fishing. It is also important to let your family members know where you are going, how long you will be gone, and where to call at in case you did not arrive on your expected time of return.
  • Keep yourself safe while river fishing by fishing at least 100 yards away from a dam.
  • Take extra care if you wish to anchor in the current.
  • Before fishing, make sure that you know your water skills and experience and must be equivalent to the river’s behavior and its condition.
  • One must be prepared with the extreme weather condition before fishing, especially cold weathers.
  • Hypothermia is an important health condition every fisher must know first and how it can affect him or her before deciding to do river fishing.
  • Having a solid plan and sticking to it is an important thing to consider before fishing.
  • One more important thing to keep in mind is to keep away from the river during high flows.

When fishing, one must be aware that the extreme river conditions will definitely test your fishing equipment. If you think that your boat is not at its best condition, you had better not go, as the middle of the river is not the right place or time to check as to whether you boat cant surpass the river’s condition, or your cell phone still has enough battery and all. Before fishing, it is important to assume that anything can go wrong, and so you must be ready for it.

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