Making Garden Sculptures Is A Business Creative Ideas And Earn Decent Money

Making garden sculptures is a business idea, which every beginner entrepreneur with a creative vein can realize. This type of business is characterized by very high profitability. This is due, among other things, to the fact that it is relatively easy to make such figures.

The business of making garden sculptures as one of the most successful cases!

Garden sculptures are decorative products that can have an absolutely different appearance and dimensions. Such figures are beginning to gain increasing popularity. This indicates that the number of your customers will only increase. The main thing is to offer the customers an entertaining and high-quality product.Making Garden Sculptures Is A Business Creative Ideas And Earn Decent Money

This business idea can be implemented by a person who knows how to work with cement, wood, gypsum, poly stone and other similar materials. It is also very important to have creative potential and to want to earn decent money.

The profitability of such a business depends largely on such moments:

  • investment size;
  • advertising;
  • market opportunities;
  • possibilities of the technology plan;
  • range.

In the case of garden sculptures, your customers will not only be owners of private territories. Also, such figures are increasingly seen in modern offices and shopping centers, so their owners can also turn to you.

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The technology of manufacturing these figures is a fairly simple process. Some special skills and knowledge are not needed here. Most often you need to implement the following steps:

  • Mixing of the mixture according to a certain recipe (or creating a workpiece);
  • pouring the solution into molds;
  • extraction of the preform after its solidification;
  • Priming, staining, and other decorative manipulations.

You can easily and quickly learn this craft.

Making Garden Sculptures Is A Business Creative Ideas And Earn Decent MoneyWhat Is Required To Start This Type Of Business?

To start a business of making garden sculptures, first of all, you need to register your entrepreneurial activity. You need to do this in the tax inspection. It will be necessary to pay a state fee.

Also, to start your own business, you will need the following.

  • The room. At the initial stage, it is more rational to rent it. If the area of your home allows, you can try to work at home. To create comfortable conditions, a minimum of 30 square meters is required.
  • Inventory (brushes, spatulas, varnish, paints) and equipment (please note which technology you will manufacture products). You can buy new or second-hand products.
  • A car. You must worry about the delivery of sculptures. It is very important for a modern buyer to make purchases with comfort.

It should be determined with what kind of material you want to work with. Please note that sculptures from plaster are in high demand. Products of artificial stone are also in high demand. They are resistant to moisture and mechanical stress, they are strong enough. Products from concrete serve for a very long time. Wooden sculptures are usually chosen by devotees of eco-friendly solutions.

Making Garden Sculptures Is A Business Creative Ideas And Earn Decent MoneyReady-made products can be sold both in retail and in bulk. Much depends on the scale of your production. It’s better to start with retail. In any case, you can sell garden sculptures in several ways:

  • to manufacture products to order;
  • through agencies that provide landscape design services;
  • in an ordinary flower shop, in large shopping centers, in the market;
  • through the Internet (such products can be offered in a personal online store, on thematic sites and forums, in social networks).

Will it be possible to earn a lot in the production of garden sculptures?

At the initial stage, the business of making garden sculptures does not require serious material costs. Here everything depends on how many garden sculptures you will be able to sell and how much you will spend on making them. We will carry out approximate calculations.

Making Garden Sculptures Is A Business Creative Ideas And Earn Decent MoneyPros and cons of the business of making garden sculptures?

Making garden sculptures is a business idea that has certain advantages. So, this kind of business will be developed, attracting professional sculptors, artists. Competent professionals can create exclusive figures. Of course, they will have to pay for it a certain percentage of sales. However, the price of such products will be much higher, so even taking into account the wages of your assistants, you can earn more.

Also, this business idea has the following significant features.

  • A unique product will always be in high demand among buyers. Garden sculptures are just such a commodity.
  • In this type of business, there is always a lot to develop. If you make figures yourself, after acquiring a certain experience, you can offer sculptures that glow in the dark.
  • There is an opportunity to offer our clients a whole range of services – both figures and assistance in the implementation of landscape plans.

Take into account that garden sculptures are products that people who have money can afford. These buyers are quite demanding. So get ready to offer them a really worthwhile product. It is very important to take into account the requirements and preferences of each particular customer. Only, in this case, you will succeed.Making Garden Sculptures Is A Business Creative Ideas And Earn Decent Money

Competition in this area is extremely small. But at the same time in almost every city, there are enterprises on which landscape figures are created. For this reason, before opening a private file, you need to carefully analyze the conditions of the market.

Are you interested in business in such a direction as landscape design? Here you can realize a lot of different ideas. Be sure to pay attention to the business idea for the production of poly stone “vertical gardens”. This is a topical eco-friendly business, which also will appeal to creative people.

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Start earning right now!

Decorate the surrounding territory with different decorative elements more and more owners of cottages, country houses, villas are trying. This suggests that by making a choice in favor of a business idea for the manufacture of garden sculptures, you can both earn and give people the opportunity to transform the plot


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