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For years, it has been said that French cinema is one of the great jewels of the seventh art. Roman Polanski is one of the European directors, producers, screenwriters and actors who have contributed to the most outstanding audiovisual productions in history. In Roman Polanski’s net worth and biography, we will learn about the beginnings of an influential filmmaker.

Roman Polanski net worth and biography

Raymond Roman Thierry Liebling was born in Paris (France) in 1933. The son of a couple of Polish Jewish emigrants, his father, was Ryszard Polanski, a painter who was never successful and changed his name to Ryszard Liebling. Roman’s mother was named Bula Katz and she was of Russian origin. Bula had had a failed marriage before marrying Ryszard, with whom she had only one child. Roman Polanski Net Worth is around 52 million dollars.

roman polanski net worth

Due to the past of his relatives, Roman Polanski experienced the problems of World War II, due to which he moved to Poland with his parents. His family believed that moving would be a way to be safe during the constant battles that raged back then, but it was one of the biggest mistakes they made.

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In 1943 an event occurred that marked the beginning of the misfortune: his mother died in the concentration camp along with other relatives. Although Bula Katz was a Catholic believer, she was considered Jewish by her father’s beliefs. Because of this, she was convicted.

Roman’s father was also near death, but he survived and became one of the few men to escape the Holocaust unscathed. For his part, the filmmaker had to live as a beggar until he posed as a Catholic son of a foster family until the Soviet Army liberated them.

The beginning of the director

After the hard war he lived through, he became interested in the seventh art, especially in the direction and creation of stories. However, he made his way into acting, later studying at the Lodz Film School, where he became even more passionate about the world of films.

When he was 21 years old, he started working on short films, starring in many of them. Some of the small films he made were The Bicycle, Rozbijemy Zabawe, The Lamp or When the Angels Fall. With the filming of the last movie, he began a courtship with actress Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass.

As their relationship was unsuccessful, he began to be inspired to make a feature film that gave him great recognition. In 1961 he recorded The Knife in the Water, which evidenced the director’s taste for small spaces and the little use of characters.

His excellent work led to the film being nominated for the Best Foreign Film category at the Oscars. This fact made Roman Polanski was on everyone’s lips and began to be recognized.

New jobs

The success of his last film led him to enter a new film, called Repulsion, a tape that his friend, Gérard Brach, wrote. The film was premiered at the 1965 Cannes Film Festival, being acclaimed by the public and critics. The story centered on a woman who was sexually repulsed.

It is said to be the first film to form part of a concept called “The Apartment Trilogy,” which includes Roman Polanski’s horror films, the other two being Rosemary’s Baby and Le Locataire.
He was well-received, taking home the Silver Bear and raising the prestige of Roman Polanski. From that moment, the eye of the world was on the French director.

By 1966, he created Callejón, a movie shot in the UK. In it, he created a claustrophobic atmosphere again, but this time he experimented with a small dose of black humor. Once again, he was applauded and won the Golden Bear at the Berlin festival.

Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski traveled to the United States in 1967 to make The Dance of the Vampires, his first color film. The film is considered a parody of the paranormal and gothic films of the time, allowing him to show his talent in the country.

During the filming of the film, he began a relationship with actress Sharon Tate, whom he married in 1968. While he was dating, the film he had created was censored and, consequently, criticized.

In the best stage of her life, she recorded Rosemary’s Baby ( The Devil’s Seed ?? ), the story of a woman who believes that a group of people want to steal her baby for evil purposes. Again, Roman Polanski had created a hit and garnered several Oscar nominations.

Polanski and Sharon Tate had moved into a Los Angeles mansion, where one of the terrifying events in the history of Hollywood and the world of cinema occurred. While Polanski was filming Dolphin Day in London, Sharon Tate (who was pregnant) and four friends were murdered by “The Family,” a cult led by serial killer Charles Manson.

After the fateful event, the movie he was filming was canceled. The event caused such an impact that many series and films began to recreate what happened. Such is the case of American Horror Story: Cult, where one of the chapters honors Tate.

roman polanski net worth

A new beginning

The assassination of Sharon Tate caused Roman Polanski to spend some time without participating in the cinema. In 1971, he had a new beginning with Macbeth, a film based on the work of William Shakespeare. For the first time in his life, Polanski suffered a box office failure.

In the film, Roman made a scene of a massacre, which alludes to the murder of his wife. He did a comedy called What ?, two years later, which reminded many of Alice in Wonderland. Although it was not successful in the United States, it was well-received in Europe.

Then he created Chinatown, a film that was influenced by film noir. Once again, Roma Polanski had managed to rise and achieve worldwide success, being nominated for 11 Oscars.

In 1975 he shot Pirates, but as no production company supported him, he abandoned the project. Then he began working on The Chimeric Tenant, which he starred in. Filming lasted eight months, as the film would be released at the Cannes Festival. It became one of the favorite feature films of the director’s fans.

In 1977, Roman Polanski was accused of abusing a thirteen-year-old teenager in the United States. The event occurred when the director was in charge of taking photos of the young woman. Finally, he left the United States and never set foot in the country again.

In ’79, he recorded Tess, based on a book by Thomas Hardy. He received several Golden Globes thanks to this film and three Oscars. He had planned to make that film many years before with Sharon Tate as the lead, but it was never achieved due to her sudden death.

He dedicated the film to Sharon Tate. Therefore, you can see a simple dedication: “For Sharon.” He tried once more with Pirates but failed again. So, two years later, he redeemed himself with Frantic, starring Emmanuelle Seigner, who would be his next wife.

About turning 60 years old, his first daughter was born and he released his film Death and the Maiden, obtaining approval from critics and the public, as expected.

In 2002 he received the Palme d’Or at Cannes for having recreated the experiences of a Jewish pianist in The Pianist. In addition, he was awarded at the Oscars, but Polanski did not attend because he was a fugitive from justice in that country.

On September 26, 2009, he was arrested on charges of sexual abuse., those who had been chasing him since 1977. Due to this, the Best Director award was not present at the Berlin Festival in 2010.

On May 20, 2012, he presented a new short film to promote a Prada fashion brand, which many people considered themselves followers of the director.

In 2019, the director Quentin Tarantino made a film called Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. He investigated the golden age of cinema and where one of the characters presented was Roman Polanski and his late wife Sharon Tate.

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