Luxury Interior Design Miami Oceanfront Mansions

In this post, we bring you a series of tips on luxury interior design in Miami oceanfront Mansions. So that you can decorate your home with the latest trends and luxury interior design firm.

We can already reveal what have been the decoration preferences in luxury interior design Miami. If you are thinking of redecorating your house and hiring an interior designer. We advise you to pay attention to these indications.


In this year one of the main trends in luxury interior design has to do with materials, they tend to be materials in their pure states such as bamboo or wicker or handmade materials made with earth, wood, stone, and metal with the minimum possible treatment.

The materials that gain weight in the decoration of spaces are reusable or ecological materials to transmit the most natural environments possible to the room.

The wood and stone have been the star of this year, used both floors and walls and decorative items. Such as furniture and even accessories.


Colors have always been one of the main factors when decorating a house, and on many occasions, these have been chosen by the homeowner according to their personal tastes and what they want to convey in each space, but an interior designer or decorator / a will always advise you which are the combination of colors that are worn according to the trend of that moment.

One of the most used colors has been blue and green. These colors in soft pastel tones create rooms that convey tranquility and a feeling of relaxation. But in turn, if we combine these colors with stronger ones. We achieve the opposite, that the room gives off energy and strength to the room.

Fabrics and Wallpapers

This decorative element has returned with great force this year.

The wallpapers have regained their splendor with stunning patterns that add personality to the room.

In the market there is a wide variety of styles, textures, and colors, this element must be chosen with great care so that it combines perfectly with the decoration of the room and gives it an elegant touch without overloading it too much.

The places that are most used to place this decorative element are behind the bed or sofa and in “neutral” spaces both in the living room and in the bedroom.

Multifunctional spaces

The spaces are created to be lived and enjoyed, they are open spaces that say a lot about the way we live today where everything is interconnected and maximum functionality is sought.

The houses already used open spaces, in a traditional way, in which the kitchen opens to the living room. But now this trend goes further. It is sought that the bedroom is open to the bathroom. And the dressing room or offices that mix with the living room.

Formulas are sought to create unique and practical spaces without visual barriers that limit or spawn the imagination.

Romantic and Vintage

To create a romantic style, vintage is still in fashion, delicate designs. And noble materials intermingle to give sensitivity and look for poetic spaces and few ornate.

ZEN style

This year it has become very fashionable to use the oriental style looking for rooms that relax us. And serve to rest reflecting balance and harmony.

It is associated with minimalism and the purity of the lines using soft colors on the walls such as beige or white, colors that help us relax and give tranquility.

Wood is widely used in these spaces, like bamboo, for use on floors and walls together with wool rugs in raw colors.

The ZEN decoration is very careful and meticulous where simplicity stands out avoiding the abundance of furniture and decorative details.

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