Is It Worth It To Get Triple Pane Windows?

Replacement window installation is that form of home improvement that a lot of homeowners consider for a number of reasons, but don’t really understand completely. There are so many options available and some are better suited for some homes than others.

While you’re likely contemplating factors like window style and materials, one of the more critical factors to think about is the number of panes you plan to have in your replacement windows. For some homes, triple pane windows might be the way to go.

These are windows that come equipped with three panes of glass positioned next to each other. They are different than double pane windows which only come with two panes of glass. As you can probably guess, they are also a little more expensive than their single or dual counterparts.

So what makes three panes better than one or two and is it worth the extra money to purchase and install them? It always helps to learn all you can about window replacement before you mount any such project around the house and homeowners considering triple pane options should weigh the pros and cons first.

Energy Efficiency

Triple pane windows use sashes that hold three panes of glass which are constructed in a layered fashion as a means for increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Glass is a lousy insulator so your cooled or heated air can easily escape through it. But with three panes side by side that can make it tougher for your climate-controlled air to seep out.

It’s not just the three panes themselves that do the trick, triple pane windows contain Krypton gas which is added between the panes and then hermetically sealed inside, providing that important barrier of insulation that your glass window sorely lacks. So while three panes of glass are going to make it tougher for air to escape, the gas is what really does most of the work.

Before long, you’ll realize the true benefit of these windows when you notice your utility bills starting to decrease.

Reduced Noise

Another added benefit of triple pane windows is their ability to reduce noise pollution around the exterior of your home. This is particularly advantageous for homes that are located near busy roadways or urban centers with close-knit populations of neighbors.

Triple pane windows have been shown as effective at reducing exterior noise around the home by nearly 75%. That can really quiet things down in those parts of your region that are surrounded by constant noise as a result of heavy traffic or loud environments.

So are triple pane windows worth it? That’s up to you and your situation. These windows can be heavy to install and they cost more, but in the end you could be enjoying a much quieter home with lower heating and cooling costs. Only you can decide if these are the right windows for your home. Talk with your local window installer about the many different choices available for replacing your current windows with triple pane alternatives.


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