How to find accommodation in Barcelona during Covid-19?

Welcome to Barcelona! One of the first things we all do when we arrive is look for accommodation. To start a new life and feel at home, it is essential to have a place to call home, but if it is the first time you live in Barcelona, the dilemma jumps into the ring: How to find accommodation in Barcelona during Covid-19?

You have to decide whether you want to rent a whole apartment or just rent a room in a shared apartment. Still not sure? Keep reading and you will see the options that each modality offers you.

What criteria to take into account to find accommodation in Barcelona during Covid-19?

This protocol is based on the one presented by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). The measures were designed by the representatives of the global tourism industry based on medical evidence and according to the standards established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC).

General requirements

At Valiant Hotels, we will assume the commitment to minimize risks, implementing hospital-grade measures. Risk management must be part of all the establishment’s processes. For this reason, we have made modifications to the procedures and standards in the hotels, and these must be coordinated with each other.

This document details the measures implemented in particular that will be developed in each area to reduce contagion risks.

Steering committee

The hotel management formed a committee for additional management to the emergency committee. This committee will mark the actions and strategies to follow based on decision-making for the minimization of hygienic-sanitary risks due to COVID-19.

The committee establishes:

– Protection measures against contingency.

– Information according to the decisions made by the government and more actions according to specialists.

– Design the necessary protection measures included in a contingency plan.

-Makes the follow-up of employees for training and correct execution of the decided measures.

– The correct implementation of the contingency plan.

How to find accommodation for rent in Barcelona

When looking for a complete apartment for rent, you should know that there are two options in Barcelona: by the individual or by the agency.

In particular, it is the preferred option of many tenants due to the savings in contract costs. However, finding a good apartment directly from the owner is very complicated since real estate agencies manage more than 80% of apartments for rent in the city.

If you are clear about the area where you want to live, a good option is to walk the streets of the neighborhood looking for signs on the windows with the sign “FOR RENT” and stop by the real estate agencies in the area to see if they have something that suits your needs. However, this option can take time and be tiring and frustrating since you never know what the floor will be like, whose facade seemed ideal.

Most Barcelonans choose to search for an apartment online, where at a glance, they can see all the apartments for rent in the city within their price range and filtered by the characteristics they need.

Real estate portals to buy accommodation in Barcelona

In addition to those already mentioned above, we recommend:

Equinox Urban Housing: A new real estate portal for the searching of accommodation in Barcelona that stands out for the quality of the information displayed on the portal. So, avoid the frustration of wasting time searching among thousands of repeated accommodations or those with inaccurate locations on the map.


Surely after reading this quick guide, you will find accommodation in the blink of an eye, but before leaving, let us remind you of the main points and give you the latest advice. Decide if you want to share or accommodation for yourself. Get alerts on the different web pages with the criteria of your search so that the latest news will arrive directly to your email. Be patient. Sometimes it can take a while to find the ideal place for you. Do not pay anyone upfront via the internet. Make sure you see the accommodation and meet the person before making any transfers.

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