How to cure and make long nails healthy

Having long nails requires a lot of attention and care, daily and periodic. On it also affects food and lifestyle. For this reason, in addition to the manicure it is important to avoid some practices, habits and counterproductive vices.

Elegance and beauty also pass through the hands and nails. However, it is not always easy to show them healthy and beautiful. It happens, in fact, to all the women who break it, be weak or fall apart. Especially if we love long nails, we must therefore take care of them daily and periodically.

Whether they are natural or obtained with gel reconstruction, there are several remedies and tricks that need to be followed. The goal is to keep them long, in good condition but above all in order.

Before going into the subject, it is important to stress that their care is not limited to or limited to manicure alone. In addition to commitment and perseverance, as for hair, and in general for our whole body, it is essential to eliminate bad habits, vices and take care of nutrition.

Here are some tips on things to do and those to avoid in order to maintain our nails in addition to the length …

Tips for having beautiful and healthy long nails

To have long and beautiful nails it is essential, first of all, to abandon bad habits and vices. In fact, biting our nails (onicophagia) and cuticles or smoking does not help us. In particular, when we eat nails we risk causing nasty infections that damage the nail structure to the point of making it weak.

During household chores, it is a good idea to use rubber or latex gloves to prevent them from weakening or breaking.

The advice to take care of food, take vitamin supplements and drink lots of water is not just about talking about diets, health and wellness of the organism. These recommendations are also useful for our nails. You need to eat foods that contain folic acid, vitamins and minerals. For this reason, we must prefer fruit and vegetables, legumes, proteins and eggs. Furthermore, Vitamins A, C and H are precious allies for nails because they help them grow stronger.

The importance of manicure

Spending time on manicure is the first step in getting our nails stretched. These should not be cut with scissors but filed with care and attention. The most suitable file is cardboard or glass, because it is more delicate. The cuticles and cuticles must be removed with special manicure tools.

At least twice a month, the professionals of the sector suggest not to enamel the nails for at least a couple of days. In this way, a nourishing oil can be applied to the nail, free of enamels and paints.

Moreover, in the evening, before going to sleep, it is important to moisturize the nails, especially the cuticles, as well as hands and body.

If the nails are natural, it is important to always apply a protective and reinforcing nail polish and, if possible, also a top coat polish. This product, in fact, prevents the nails from getting stained, makes the enamel adhere longer and therefore makes them stronger.

To remove the enamel, the advice is to use a nutrient and vitamin glaze lever and avoid the use of acetone.

Long nails: What to avoid

The precautions for having long nails also include a set of tips on things to avoid absolutely not to damage them.

If the manicure is essential, the nail polish must be removed by pulling the paint with your hands, mouth or unsuitable tools. In fact, an aggressive removal can weaken the nail base.

Polishing files also compromise the nail structure.

Although the beauty and advantages of gel and acrylic reconstruction is evident, on the other hand the excessive use of these products weaken and dry up the nail, slowing down their growth especially when they are removed. If you really can’t give up, the suggestion is to limit the frequency of treatment and choose a natural manicure.

Another tip is to avoid using your nails as “work tools”. In the hurry to do the housework, remove dirt residues, remove a label, we often use nails as real tools. This way they can be damaged and broken. Even trying to open the key ring can cause a nail to break. In these cases, other types of lever or alternative tools should be used to remove materials. An example may be a small scissors, a hairpin, a plastic card.

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