How to get upgrade modules destiny 2

The first updates since the start of Season 13 will appear. Before diving into the new battlefield or the Iron Banner event, you need to load up on patch and endure unusually long maintenance work. Let’s see how to get upgrade modules destiny 2.

How to get upgrade modules destiny 2?

how to get upgrade modules destiny 2

With the start of the new Season of the Chosen, some issues arose. According to Bungie, these will be a thing of the past after the update:

  • Looters Volley from Collections can now be returned.
  • Merchant Tooltip no longer indicates that Exam Tokens are required to increase Reputation Rank.
  • The Whisper of Chains Stasis Fragment now correctly grants damage resistance to near-frozen enemies.
  • When switching between Challenger Medallions or Cabal runes on the Fire Hammer, coins used are now refunded.
  • Originally, the update was already available for February 18th. Planned (via TWaB) but had to be postponed on short notice. We won’t know if Bungie has any other changes to the patch until the patch notes appear.

What are other problems known? The Destiny developer has collected a lot of other inconsistencies lately that he’s working on. This includes faulty progress on the Season 13 Exotic Arc Catalyst, faulty Artifact mods, or Destiny 1 Strike SABER. Unavailable. Read more: Five Types of App That Can Satisfy Your Love of Sports

All about the process and the server down

These times are important today:

Maintenance work begins at 5:00 pm German time. Downtime begins at 5:45 pm. Destiny servers go offline. All players are removed from ongoing activities. The servers start again from 8:00 pm and Update is released worldwide. Only when the update has been uploaded (and also copied) can you log in and play Destiny 2. Also discover how to make a secret door in Minecraft?

Maintenance work must be completed as scheduled. After the update, you can look for another copy of the exotic “Tale of the Dead” with random spins. As always: Times are not set in stone. Patch may take a while to be available for download. If something changes during the long maintenance work, we will inform you.

Until the background work is completely finished (11:00 pm), logon and queue problems can occur. If you use third-party apps or the official companion app, your feature will be available the night of February 23rd. Limited availability.

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Here’s the known bugs

Soon you will be able to turn the new bow into a masterpiece faster.

What’s in the patch notes? All changes in an update are listed in the official patch notes. Here Guardians can read what additional fixes or balance adjustments have been made.

The patch notes for update are not yet available to us. Usually, the list appears shortly after the patch.

We will add it here as soon as we have access. What do you think is all in today’s update? The list of planned fixes is manageable, but the maintenance work and the idle server are unusually long. What problems are really bothering you right now and need to be fixed as soon as possible? Tell us and the hats in the comments.

The way you, our readers, receive Season 13 has been summarized here: 3 things Destiny 2 is doing really well right now, and 3 things that are still stupid.

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