How To Create A Garden On The Terrace

Creating a garden on the terrace can nicely transform your home and give a corner of peace and relaxation to your life … How? Come and find out!

If you have the chance to creating a garden on the terrace, could really brighten up your life and give you a place to relax from the stresses of everyday life. We will explain how to set it up and how much it will cost!

Not everyone has the space in front of the house to create a garden. However, many have a terrace that, with a little creativity and a minimum of commitment, can host a wonderful garden on the terrace.

Many people who are lucky enough to own it use it to support the most varied things, such as cleaning tools, making it become a kind of closet. It is undoubtedly a waste!

If well studied, the garden on the terrace can turn into a place of deep relaxation or maybe it will become the location for evenings in joy with friends.

Garden on the terrace, the elements to consider

The first fundamental step to be taken is certainly to upstream a complete project, in which you can define exactly all the elements you want to add. Even if you have little space you can create a garden on the terrace, obviously the choice you make to set it up will be different and the result will not be the same, but not necessarily worse.

You may even want to consider the idea of ​​orientating yourself towards a vertical garden, of which we know well the numerous benefits or even towards a Zen garden, if you want to give more space to the aspect of relaxation and meditation.

Garden On The Terrace

A factor to be evaluated soon is the climatic conditions, which will greatly affect the choice of plants. You will have to study carefully the micro climate of your terrace, especially the light. How many hours a day do you have? Is there a lot of shade? Answering these questions will help you understand which plants to buy.

Also, keep in mind that more micro climates can coexist in the same terrace. If a part is more shaded and maybe it does not have an hour of sun or if one side is constantly subjected to the wind, they will have a totally different climate.

All this will not affect only which plants to buy, but also on their placement in the various areas of the terrace. So the design of a garden on the terrace is not really a walk, so if you are in trouble ask for help from an expert.

The main element of the garden on the terrace are obviously the plants. First of all I would say to start with making a first substantial distinction between two categories …

  • Plants that survive in all seasons, perennials;
  • Seasonal plants.

To make this choice, you must take into account your personal taste, but above all the time you have to devote to your garden on the terrace, your green thumb and the maintenance you are willing to do regularly.

Surely if you are a beginner it is better to take seedlings, however, already born that plant seeds and choose a type that grows quickly and easily, without needing too much care.

You can spend more or less money, depending on the budget you have available, there are cheap and other more expensive plants. Their size must obviously be chosen based on the available space. One thing is certain, the garden on the terrace will still add value to the property.

You must never forget the importance of soil for plants. Buy one suitable for vegetables that you have chosen for your garden on the terrace. For most of the plants the same soil will be fine, but be aware that for some species, such as succulents, it will take a different soil from the others. The right soil will grow healthy and lush plants.

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The place where it seems more obvious to put the plants in the garden on the terrace is undoubtedly the floor, so there is to choose the jars to be used. There is a great variety on the market, they have different shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

You have to decide which ones are the most suitable based on functionality, but also on the aesthetic side. One element to take into account is the material and together with it, drainage. Drainage holes are great for solving the problem of excess water.

By placing saucers under the pots, you can prevent water from leaking out and going to the floor. The most used materials for containers are plastic and terracotta, and consider which is best in your case.

Besides plants in pots on the ground, it will be more scenographic if you add also some planter hanging on the wall and some climbing species or maybe hanging from the ceiling.

Garden On The Terrace

An idea could be to install wooden grilles with vines, to promote your privacy if you have neighboring terraces. Or even consider the idea of creating a winter garden, adding a real veranda.

If you plan to dedicate the whole terrace to the green, then you will not need furniture. Otherwise the moment has arrived to free your imagination! If you want a place that is also for recreation and relaxation, it is essential to furnish it.

Adding a small table with two chairs, you will already have a place where you can have a coffee with a friend and have a chat, the perfect coffee break!

By putting a living room you will improve the aspect of comfort for your moment of relaxation. If you even have the garden on the terrace of a nice long table with lots of chairs, you can organize wonderful evenings with family and friends.

To give particular aspects to the garden on the terrace when it is dark, be amazed by the lighting system. There are special lights on the market that, if well positioned, can make the difference. What will be the icing on the cake? There is no doubt, a fantastic barbecue … and then that your garden on the terrace will become the envy of the whole neighborhood!

How much does a garden on the terrace cost?

There are many factors that affect the cost of the garden on the terrace, it is virtually impossible to make a precise estimate. The price depends on the type of plants chosen, the space available, the furniture, the lighting system and the most varied accessories that you will want to add.

The elements of which you can equip a garden on the terrace are varied, it all depends on the budget you have available.

The only thing to do is ask for more free estimates and without obligation to companies in your area. Being companies compete with each other will save money a breeze! The old terrace will no longer seem the same and you can enjoy the relaxation that this hectic life takes away from us every day. What are you waiting for?

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