E-commerce website tips you need to get started

E-commerce is worth over $3 trillion globally, yet half of UK businesses still do not have an online presence. If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of the digital world and enable your business to operate online, these design tips are useful to know. After you have read the tips below and you want to go ahead with a new website then give companies like amber couch a call who are a Cardiff Web Designer as they will have expert advice on what you need to do.

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Consider clean design

Customers love to be able to perform their function online with minimal clicks. Keep the web structure clean and without complex navigation. Many of the most popular templates today are based on single pages that allow scrolling, which are ideal for mobile usage.

Categorise carefully

Make sure all functions are carefully chosen to be essential for the customer and avoid cluttering your website with any extras. Gather up functions under logical headings so that they can be accessed simply. Careful planning will allow you to get your site navigation right, and ongoing testing with customers will give you data that allows you to continue refining your site.


Make sure you offer advanced search functions that give customers a fast way to get to the content that they need. Remember that customers will go elsewhere if they get frustrated with an inability to find what they need.

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Consider images and fonts

Use images carefully and ensure they are correctly sized so that they don’t slow down loading times. Choose fonts for readability and ease of scanning. Remember that a good design is a clean one.

Ensure a responsive design

Your ecommerce website must be responsive for mobile access, and you may wish to design an app, too. Your web design agency can advise on the strategies behind this.

Get a great shopping cart

This is essential to make the shopping process easy for customers. Most allow you to customise the design of the cart so its appearance is in line with your brand and offer.

Consider online chat

Features such as online chat are becoming increasingly valued by customers. They allow customers to ask questions quickly and easily without needing to make a call or wait for an email response. Again, there are plugins that can help you to do this.

These tips will help you to get the most from your new business investment.

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