How To Create Curb Appeal With Your Landscape Lighting

Homes that have had landscape lighting installation Arlington, VA are more likely to command a higher resale price because of their elevated curb appeal. Putting in a professional outdoor lighting system around the exterior of your house will make potential buyers and passersby alike take notice of the improved curb appeal of the property as a whole.

Designing the right landscape lighting system is a great way to illuminate your home after the sun goes down for a number of various purposes. Not only does it show off the beauty of your home and property, but it also improves the visibility of walkways and common areas for family and friends to walk safely in the dark. But perhaps the most valuable benefit of all is the added level of security that the right landscape lighting brings to the home.

Good lighting is always a great deterrent against intruders and thieves who may target your home and your family with an intent to take your belongings or worse.

So when it comes to outdoor lighting tips, you have many options as to how best to design the right landscape lighting scheme to increase your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re going to do the work yourself or hire an expert to help you achieve your outdoor lighting goals, there are some basic aspects to creating curb appeal with your lighting that you should consider:

Outdoor Living

Curb appeal has many components to it, especially when you’re thinking about putting your home on the market. You want to appeal to as many buyers as possible, which means that you want to put the most important things first. For just about every home buyer, that includes peace of mind. The exterior of the home is just as important for convincing potential future buyers to purchase your home for the selling price or even higher.

A good way to do that is to extend the amount of living space available. Making the backyard a fun, safe, and highly functional place to be will certainly get buyers interested in your house. If you have an outdoor deck or patio, even better. If not, there are a lot of deck builders that are just one phone call away.

However, you don’t want to keep these areas of the exterior in the dark. You live in the house at the present time, how would you feel about spending time out there or your kids doing the same when there is no illumination? Probably not very secure. But with good outdoor lighting, you can make these areas a lot more appealing and functional by providing plenty of exterior illumination to increase the enjoyment of these areas.

How you go about doing that is up to you. Perhaps you might want to go with a soft lighting aesthetic which can be achieved through frosted bulbs and dimmer switches, both of which allow you to control the harshness and brightness of the lighting you’ve chosen to install in the backyard. It’s about creating a mood and these components give you total control over doing just that.

Increased Safety and Security

One area that doesn’t call for mood and atmosphere is security. Good exterior lighting can be very helpful at warding off the criminal element. Having the exterior well lit will let the bad guys know they need to move on. You don’t necessarily need to go harsh with your lighting, but the brighter the better when it means preventing something bad from happening.

But in addition to deterring crime, bright and thorough outdoor landscape lighting can make it easier for people to see in the dark when they are walking around outside the home. A trip and fall accident can be very painful not to mention put you in a potential lawsuit from someone who plans to sue you as a result of their pain and suffering.

Potential buyers will appreciate that your home has sufficient enough lighting to keep everyone safe from harm.

Showing Off

Lighting is good for many purposes, including spotlighting certain aspects of your home’s landscaping. You can use lighting to dramatic effect in displaying various areas of the exterior. Think about installing a few light fixtures to place a spotlight on a few specific points around the home. Perhaps you have a few trees that are rather impressive and you want to show them off in the dark.

Maybe you want to shine a light on a particular portion of the house itself that gives it a unique aesthetic, showing it off against the backdrop of night can make it look even that much more impressive.

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