How To Improve Your Bowling Throw

One of the most important bowling tips to help improve your score is to mind your throw. The throw is your main method of moving the ball down the lane and if you don’t have this vital component of your form under control, then your game is never going to improve.

But how do you go about developing a throw that will result in higher scores and better form? It’s like anything else really, you need to practice on a regular basis and be exhaustive about it. That can only come when you create a consistent routine that you must repeat over and over and over again.

Your Bowling Routine

Whether you’re at an austin bowling alley or you’re standing in line at the bank, you need to practice your bowling routine every chance you get. The best of the best have done it this way, devoting countless hours, days, weeks, years to perfecting every last facet of their routine, from the way they stand, to the placement of their feet, to the swing of the arm and the release of the ball.

You don’t always need to have the ball in your hand to practice your routine but when it comes to adjusting your throw and really perfecting it, all it takes is limitless repetition. This gives way to the building of muscle and movement memory, allowing you to solidify your aim, and leaving only the variables to chance.

So when you are working on your throw, it becomes one part of your overall routine. What that routine encapsulates is different for every individual. Your routine is going to differ greatly than any other bowler you might play with or against. What’s most important is that you combine the physical and the mental aspects so that you are visualizing what you want to do with the ball, where you want it to go, and finally sending it there. That’s where the throw comes in.

The Four Components

Master these and your throw will deliver top results every time. It starts with your pre-shot routine, which are the various actions you take before you throw the ball. This can be anything but just be sure you’re doing them in the exact same order, every single time you step up to the lane.

Next is your stance. Again keep it consistent and identical each and every time. Keep your shoulders straight regardless of what you do for your stance, but you need to stay consistent.

From there, it’s about your approach. Whether you want to go with a four step over a five step or vice versa, you need to get your timing down and keep your coordination up as you approach the lane with your ball, ready to swing and doing so in a constant fluid motion.

Last but not least, the release. The most important thing to consider here is where the ball is located when you release it. You want to have it in front of you, not in the back part of the swing. Always roll the ball smoothly and never actually throw or drop the ball into the lane. Your release will have the greatest impact on your ability to move the ball forward and control where it goes.

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