10 things you didn’t know about false lashes

Intro: The words “false lashes” might make you think of the ’80s when women wore heavy eye makeup and teased their hair. Times have changed, but false lashes are still around. They’re now lightweight and come in various shapes to suit any need – natural or dramatic. False lashes have been a staple in the beauty industry for decades. You may think you know everything there is to know about them, but there’s always something new to learn. In this article, we have listed down things you probably didn’t know about your false lashes.

1. They’ve been around for decades: False lashes date back to ancient Greece and Rome, where men AND women wore them. Persian princesses wore false lashes made from feathers or gold threads; these lashes were attached with gum arabic, and honey.

2. They come in various materials: False lashes made from human hair cost more than synthetic ones, but many women prefer them. They look and feel more natural, and they’re less likely to irritate the lash line (many women experience an allergic reaction to the adhesives used on synthetic lashes). According to one beauty industry expert, those made from mink fur are considered the best quality because it has a “soft texture and fine sheen,” according to one beauty industry expert. You can find lashes made of nylon, mink fur, silk, tarantula hair (yes!), and more. Some are even made with human hair.

3. False lashes made from human hair cost more than synthetic ones, but many women prefer them. They look and feel more natural, and they’re less likely to irritate the lash line (many women experience an allergic reaction to the adhesives used on synthetic lashes).

4. They’re not just for women anymore! Today, men are just as into false lashes as women. There are plenty of them that love the look and feel of wearing false lashes for a night out. Or to make their eyes stand out in photos. Some celebrities who wear drag makeup but not necessarily drag queen makeup are Tyra Banks, Johnny Depp, Adam Lambert, David Beckham. Lashes are also worn on men in drag queen shows to give them a fuller look. For example, in a recent photoshoot, Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello as two men dressed up as women.

5. Lashes come in different thicknesses: You can always ask your lash technician to custom-cut your false lashes for a perfect fit onto your lash line. It is beneficial with lashes that look too long. They come in a variety of lengths for your convenient use. False lashes can be as short as 1 millimeter, and they can measure up to 25 millimeters (that’s almost an inch). Different sized lashes create other effects: A shorter lash helps you achieve more volume, while longer false lashes give the illusion of a longer lash line. They’re not all the same either; Lashes may look straighter or more curved, and they can be thicker or thinner at different parts of the strand. These differences allow you to experiment with varying lash styles to achieve dramatic effects – from flirty and natural looks to beautifully bold “showstopper” looks. Buy what you need by visiting Lashify.com, which has lashes for any eye.

6. They’re reusable: False lashes have an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years, but if you remove them properly, you can use them daily for up to a month. False lashes are meant to be taken off at night and then reapplied the next day with a new lash adhesive or glue. And you can always reuse them as long as you take them off and apply new glue (or cement) before each use. False lashes come with a band with tiny little hooks that attach to your lashes, which means you can wear them more than once if they are taken care of properly. However, people who wear false lashes daily should probably invest in their pair instead of using the same one repeatedly.

7. You must Only use waterproof mascara with them: If your lashes are glued together, you can’t afford to be careless about the type of mascara you apply. All it takes is one uncooperative lash to ruin your entire look, so stick to waterproof brands when wearing false lashes—having trouble removing the glue from your lashes? Try using baby oil to loosen it up. It is excellent for anyone who wants to wear false lashes without having to reapply their mascara but looks best with individuals who have naturally long lashes. False lashes are fine to wear in the shower or get caught in the rain. The heat from your body will help shape them, and they won’t melt if you get a little bit of steamy water on them. Just make sure to clean off your glue after a scorching shower to avoid any buildup.

8. They have to be cleaned to remove the glue buildup: Your natural and false eyelashes need adhesive (which comes in a tube, like liquid eyeliner) to hold the falsies in place on your lash line. The adhesive dries quickly, which is why you must apply it as a two-step process 30 seconds apart. Many false lashes come with their glue, but if not, the general rule is to use a lash adhesive that dries clear. To help your glue dry faster, wipe the bottle with rubbing alcohol: Don’t let your bond get tacky by letting it sit for too long – do this instead! Use glue specifically made for false lashes; Using regular eyelash glue on false lashes can cause the lashes to become gummy and hard to work with overtime. Make sure to buy a high-quality glue-like Duo or Ardell adhesive (or other brands that are made explicitly for false lashes)

9. You can find them in drugstores and department stores: Lashes used to be found only at speciality beauty supply stores, but these days it’s easier than ever to find them. Drugstores such as CVS and Rite Aid sell individual lashes at the cosmetics counter for about $1. And you can purchase lashes at department stores such as Nordstrom and Macy’s. Prices vary depending on where and what type of lash you’re buying but expect to pay between $3 and $25 per pair.

Conclusion: using eyelashes requires patience and practice; you may need to practice it a few times before you get it right. With no myths and the above facts imprinted in your mind, you will be able to up your eyelash game, without a doubt. You are ready to rock whichever eye makeup looks with dazzling eyelashes for the occasion.

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