5 Things you must have in your fishing tackle box

Fishing is such a fantastic way of passing time.  After that rough week of work, it is a great way of relaxing your mind and having some quiet moments of meditation. Before you head to the fishing hole, you need to get ready for the tackle box – these include all that you’d prefer to have with you. The type of fish you are angling to catch will also determine the contents you have in the box. However, in your tackle box, there are a few basic things that you must have.

Continue reading and see what these essentials are

Extra fishing line

Expect the unexpected.  Your fishing line could be tangled around some rocks and it’s gone in an instant. Thus you need to have an extra fishing line. Get one that is strong enough; one which is heavier and more durable. This will reduce the chances of snapping. Stealth is the key here; get a thin clear line that will help fake out the fish easily.

Fishing hooks

In your tackle box, you’ll need a variety of hooks that will enable you to tackle any type of fish. There are varieties that you could choose from; some prefer J-hook while the majority would rather go for the French hook. The type is not an issue as such but the size matters-carry with you different sizes that will help you tackle any size of fish. The sizes vary from number 32 to the largest 19/0.

Carry Bobbers with you

A bobber helps you know when you have fish biting the hook and when they get caught. When a fish bites, the bobber will sink and how it behaves will tell you that you’re ready to reel in your catch. There are varieties of bobbers; white plastic and round red ones. A slip bobber lets you slip it wherever you want-up or down and with this, you can get your hook into deeper waters where the catch is plenty. We have written a comprehensive article on how to choose a spincast reel here: https://www.globosurfer.com/best-spincast-reels/

Carry sinkers in the tackle box

A hook and the worm are not heavy enough to sink to the deeper waters where there is plenty of catch. To add weight to the fishing rig, you’ll need to attach more weight and this is through using sinkers. Previously, the most common sinkers have been lead sinkers but most states in the U.S are beginning to outlaw them due to the environmental risks that they pose. Brasses, tungsten, steel have now become alternatives that you can go for.

Plastic worms

You may be a fan of live baits but when you go fishing, you should carry some plastic worms with you. These come in a variety of sizes and colors. Some fishermen swear that some colors are better than others but this depends on your preference. However, worms with long tails are the easiest to use.

Before you go out on your fishing expedition, you must carry on board a few necessities that will make your life easy on the water and avoid frustrations. In addition to the tackle box contents, you need to be aware of the weather expectations and this can only be possible with a marine forecast app. This will help in predicting the weather patterns and therefore you can prepare adequately. Get the app set and keep your tackle box intact.

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