Easy exercises to get a flat stomach

Easy exercises to get a flat stomach. Having a flat stomach is not impossible: with these 6 simple exercises that I tell you, to do at home, you can succeed in a short time. How? Simply by being constant, do not give up after a few days of training and keeping nutrition under control. It is not strictly necessary to follow a strict diet, but you must be careful about what you eat. The advice is always the same: limit alcohol or sugary drinks, reduce heavy condiments, fried foods and desserts.

1. Classic Abdominals

Easy exercises

We all know this exercise, the first that is done perfectly if the goal is to get the flat belly we want: the abdominals! For classic abs, lie on the floor with your knees bent and your bust and shoulders raised with your arms behind your neck. Do 3 repetitions of 15 with 30 seconds of rest. It is one of the easy exercises.

2. Vertical abdominals


Easy exercises

The vertical abdominals are also very useful if you want a flat and toned stomach. Always lying on the floor, this time lifting the legs and arms at the same time: both should be well stretched. The backrests on the floor, only the shoulders and buttocks rise together with the arms and legs. You will get even better results if, in this exercise, you also hold small weights (from a maximum of 1 kg) on your hands. Do 3 repetitions of 10 with 30 seconds of rest. It is one of the easy exercises. Continue reading-My 8 tips to progress in yoga

3. Alternate abs

Easy exercises

They are called “Criss Cross” because the legs and arms – in the alternate movement of this exercise – seem to cross. They are, in fact, very useful for those who want to flatten the belly and also define the sides of the bust, eliminating the “love handles” and thinning the waist. Lie on the floor, raise and bend the right leg towards the chest: at the same time, place the left hand behind the nape of the neck and let the right knee and the left elbow “meet” in front of you. Repeat alternating between the meeting of the knee and the elbow with the left leg and the right arm. Do 3 repetitions of 20 with one minute of rest. It is one of the easy exercises.

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4. Bicycle

Easy exercises

Still lying on a mat on the floor, keep your arms extended along your body and raise your legs by bending them at an angle: then start pedaling in the air, as if you were hypothetically cycling. Do this easy exercise for a minute, then rest for 30 seconds and repeat for another minute. It is one of the easy exercises.

5. Double leg lifts

Easy exercises

To do double leg lifts, you must lie on the floor holding the arms attached to the body and legs stretched out, lifted off the ground by 5 centimeters and with the toes pulled off. Next, lift your legs by candlelight, always together and with your toes stretched well: then return to the starting position, but never prop your legs on the floor. Do 3 repetitions of 15 with 30 seconds of rest. It is one of the easy exercises.

6. Horizontal and vertical scissors

Easy exercises

Finally, the horizontal and vertical scissors are also a very effective exercise to tone and flatten the abdomen but, at the same time, also the thin legs and the buttocks. Always starting from the position on the floor, lie down, lift your legs straight in front of you and open and close your legs superimposing them horizontally (5 times) and then vertically (5 times). Continue the exercise for 3 sets without rest. It is one of the easy exercises.

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