Aloe vera uses for face: How this natural remedy works on our face?

Discover the properties of aloe vera for your health and your beauty, with many natural and DIY recipes to take advantage of its benefits. In this article, we share aloe vera uses for face. 

You just need a little space to have an aloe plant at home. Aloe needs little care: they need so much light and water only occasionally. Among the different varieties, aloe vera can be chosen for cosmetic and curative use, recognizable thanks to the thick tufted leaves, with spines along the sides. But do you already know how to exploit it? Are you ready to discover our natural recipes based on aloe? Keep reading: Easy exercises to get a flat stomach

Aloe vera uses for face

aloe vera uses for face

Aloe Vera is the very useful natural remedy. It has many benefits to our body especially our face. Let’s know the aloe vera uses for face.

  1. Aloe vera against sunburn

The first aloe vera uses for face is keep safe us from sunburn. Already known at the time of the Sumerians, studies on the healing properties of this plant have intensified in the 1960s, when the American government confirmed the power of the aloe for the burn medications.

aloe vera uses for face

Did you get burned or did an insect hit you? With a pair of scissors, cut a strip of aloe from the tip of the leaf. You will see that it contains a transparent and fresh gel: tap it directly on the skin. In a few moments, the gel will dry leaving a transparent filter on the skin that will give immediate relief to the epidermis. If, for example, you burned cooking using this method immediately alleviate. Aloe vera helps tissue formation in case of wounds and possesses analgesic and antibacterial properties which hinder the formation of troublesome infections.

  1. Eye contour: the natural pack based on aloe vera

Regenerating and moisturizing, you can use the fresh aloe gel also as a curative treatment for the eyes. In a coffee cup, combine a spoonful of aloe, preferably fresh, a drop of rosemary essential oil, anti-stress and antioxidant, or lemon essential oil, particularly indicated in the case of swelling in the eyelids; finally, add a few drops of rice oil, lighter than olive oil but highly moisturizing.

aloe vera uses for face

Spread gently on the eye contours, massaging gently, and rinse after a few minutes. You can keep the mixture in the refrigerator for a few days. Are you looking for a relaxation effect? Choose the essential oil of blue chamomile, very delicate on the skin, precious in aromatherapy against anger and irritability.

  1. DIY Aloe Vera face cream

Aloe can be a beauty treatment effective even daily: it seems that it was already being used by princesses like Cleopatra and the beautiful Nefertiti, renowned throughout the ancient world for its beauty, who used it as a cream. You can do it too: cut a piece of leaf with the help of the scissors, open the section and directly spread the gel on the face, tapping it with your fingers as you would with a normal cream.

aloe vera uses for face

Anti-inflammatory and regenerating, you will have the benefit of a very fresh ingredient, suitable even for the most sensitive skin. If you want to keep it for a few days, you can remove the gel with a teaspoon and use an old container adding a few drops of fresh lemon, an ingredient that you can also associate with the fresh aloe to increase the detox and illuminating action.

  1. DIY aloe vera face mask

For these same reasons, if you prefer, you can use aloe to produce a 100% natural and homemade face mask, suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. Mix a tablespoon of aloe gel with one of almond oil, two drops of essential oil (calendula will go very well), white clay and almond milk as required: still on the face and let it rest for 10-15 minutes.

aloe vera uses for face

Alternatively, you can opt for a chamomile and aloe vera mask: crush in a mortar of dried chamomile flowers with aloe gel, and slowly dilute with white clay and chamomile infusion. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with the advanced infusion.

If instead, you want an illuminating mask you can simply mix aloe and lemon: spread it on face and neck, then rinse with warm water and, lastly, a touch of thermal water. You will get a smooth and glowing skin in a moment.

  1. Natural Detox: all the benefits of aloe juice

Did you know that aloe in ancient Egypt was known as a plant of immortality because of its use in the embalming process? Energizing, draining and purifying, aloe juice is a panacea for the whole body.

aloe vera uses for face

Drinking aloe vera juice can help purify the body, as it stimulates the digestive functions of the intestine, also preventing constipation, and reducing its inflammation; furthermore, thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it reinforces the immune system in the deep, also helping to regulate the levels of sugar in the blood.

You can take advantage of its power by preparing a fresh juice do it yourself: cut 2-3 leaves, with a spoon extract the gel, add, to taste, grapefruit juice and blend for a few moments. Remember to … do it quickly! Sensitive to ‘ oxidation, the gel after a few minutes tends to lose important nutrients, so it is always preferable to use fresh aloe.

If you are following a detox regime, you can drink a glass of pure aloe juice or diluted with water in the morning or in the evening, but be careful: always consult an herbalist to understand the methods of recruitment best suited to you because, if taken in excessively high amounts may have laxative effects.

  1. DIY natural scrub for the body

Do you want to regenerate and refresh your skin? There is no better way than a body scrub, to eliminate the superficial layer with a natural exfoliation and to favor the cellular exchange, for a softer and hydrated skin. Here is an easy recipe for natural DIY: in a bowl mix a few tablespoons of salt, oil (better lighter formulas than the extra virgin, for example, wheat germ oil, argan, borage, macadamia, jojoba) and a half cup of aloe.

aloe vera uses for face

If you have a plant you can cut a leaf: avoid tearing it, cut a strip in a horizontal direction with scissors. In case you do not have aloe, you can add the gel, buying the product in pharmacy or herbal medicine. In order to be stored optimally, citric acid and/or potassium sorbate is added to the aloe compound. Read the label to make sure it is a natural product. Massage the scrub on the body, leave for a few minutes and then rinse. Dou you like this article aloe vera uses for face? Share it on social media. You might also read:

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