My 8 tips to progress in yoga

My 8 tips to progress in yoga. If you have been practicing recently or for some time, you may have asked yourself this question: how to progress? Yoga is not a sport or a competition. But as one enriches one’s practice one wants to be able to better control the asanas and one wonders how to arrive there. Maybe you have already read articles about it. I do not claim to have the infused science but here are my tips, those that I applied to myself and that allowed me to advance in my practice.

 1. Practice


And be patient. Yes, there are no miracles in yoga and one improves oneself by practicing, again and again, every day. Nothing is impossible. Maybe you’ll put a year or two there or some people have put a few weeks but everyone is different. One day you will get there.

2. Do not compare yourself to others


If you practice in class, concentrate on yourself and your practice. Stop comparing yourself to others, otherwise, you will not succeed! And if you also practice at home do not be impressed by the postures and acrobatics you will see on Instagram or others. Remember that you practice for yourself and for your well-being! Continue reading-The 10 best yoga postures in pairs (easy and difficult)

3. Take classes


Even if we practice for a while, and especially when we start it is useful and wise to take classes in order to have the right bases and to practice asanas correctly when you practice yoga at home. Sometimes we can stagnate for a moment on a posture, and a teacher can “unlock” you.

4. Never force


We sometimes have a tendency to absolutely want to succeed certain postures … The fault in comparison with others, the consumer society that makes you want everything right now, impatience … But force will not make you progress quicker. Yes, you have to get out of your comfort zone, but you do not want to go too far too fast. You will hurt yourself and it will not go anywhere. While if you go there by being indulgent with yourself, step by step, one day you will be in the desired posture! And without forcing.

 5. Use Accessories


The bricks and the strap are there to help you. There is no point in doing a posture if your back is crooked or if you pull on your neck. The goal is not to hurt but to do the right posture to benefit from its benefits. So leave the ego aside and take the brick! You will see that you will progress faster.

 6. It’s not just postures


Yes, yoga is not just holding postures or doing sequences one after the other. There is also breathing and pranayama techniques, a meditation that will help you evolve and go further in your practice. With pranayamas, you can increase your breathing capacity and go further in your postures. The mediation will also bring you calm and allow you to refocus.

7. Do not skip the relaxation


At the end of each session, if you practice savasana the final posture (the posture of the corpse) is so that the body can integrate all the benefits of practice and relax. It is important not to underestimate the importance of this posture.

 8. Set up your own yoga routine


Prepare a little yoga routine with the postures that you like and those in which you want to improve. For those you do not master yet, make the half posture or the preparation of it. Remember, it’s the intention that counts. And if you do not have time to practice, take 10 minutes and do 5 sets of sun salutation!

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