Laying a good foundation

Building in the twentieth and twenty-first century has seen architects and designers pushing the boundaries as to what is possible. As buildings get higher, wider and bigger, they need to have a considerable amount of support to keep them up. This is where concrete comes in to save the day. You need experts like Concrete Tewkesbury based company They will be able to build the perfect base for you.

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The kinds of buildings that we have come to see and expect must have a considerable base. Concrete will allow this as it provides a flat solid, and compact base to support its height and weight. For example, the Shard in London uses a concrete basement and then concrete floors from 41 to 69. It took 700 truckloads of concrete to build the base. Not only that, the designers had to contend with a Victorian water main and the underground Jubilee line, which restricted their depth.

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To give you a better idea, the concrete piles that support the Shard go down 53 feet. This is not the only concrete addition. The very core of the building itself is concrete. Its steel and glass framework is almost literally hung off it. The concrete stem is quite remarkable as it acts as an anchor for the whole building. This concrete needs to be of the very best quality to be able to cope with that.

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