5 Bed Staging Tips that Interior Design and Hospitality Experts Swear By

In a bedroom, it is right that the eye is immediately drawn to the bed itself, so when you’re staging your home to sell, you want to make the beds a subject of special attention. Here are some simple ways to use what you already have (and maybe a few borrowed items) to make every room looks it’s very best.

Make Sure the Bed Literally Fits the Room

In some homes, people opt for a king or queen bed even in small rooms. This is a fine choice for oneself, but it tends to make the room look positively tiny and makes it hard for a buyer to decide whether the room has redeeming qualities.

If you’ve been living in a room where the bed is dwarfing all other remaining space, consider whether borrowing a full bed, a twin bed, or a day bed that folds out would be best. These options allow buyers to accurately evaluate the room for what it could do best, rather than just noticing how little space is left around the king sized bed.

Place the Bed Right

In most cases, beds are going to be placed so that the foot of the bed is facing the door, against a wall, with space on either side of the bed so that there is some space for a nightstand on either side. Obviously, this may not be your standard configuration, but think about how you see beds on HGTV shows or in design magazines – you want this to be the first thought that your buyers have, not “why is the bed backward/in the corner/askew?”

Choose and Stick With a Color Theme

While it doesn’t have to be very adventurous, make sure that the pillows, comforter, blankets, and the rest of the room don’t clash. If you don’t have strong matching items now, think about what one or two items – a new duvet cover, some different pillow cases – would be able to tie everything together with a consistent look. It does a lot for the perception of the room.

Borrow or Use Your Best Pillows, Comforter, and Bedskirt

Similarly, if you typically sleep with simple blankets, no throw pillows, and let the bed itself be visible along the ground, spruce a little! Many friends and family may have spare bedding that you can borrow if you typically don’t have a very coordinated spread, or a top real estate agent may have contacts for you to consider to stage more effectively. Just a coordinated bedskirt and comforter can really up the wow factor on a bed, but don’t spend an arm and a leg to get the looks for staging – there are so many options to borrow or buy secondhand.

Tidy and Clean So the Bed Can Stay the Focal Point

Never underestimate how much better a room looks with a tightly-made, well-arranged bed compared to a wrinkly, mussed, and askew one. Keeping everything clean and tidy is the top preference even if you can’t achieve the other color and matching look elements. Similarly, if anyone in your home sleeps with sentimental blankets or stuffed toys, tuck these away – while other people may have very similar objects, depersonalizing the space makes it look very tidy and also lets them envision their own items, rather than yours.

Matt Singley

Matt Singley is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Pinnacle Furnished Suites, a provider of short-term, fully furnished apartments and temporary corporate housing. Singley is a mechanical engineer by training, but an obsessed entrepreneur at heart. His light-hearted and friendly management style complements a serious dedication to the use/advancement of technology and enhanced customer experience to create a winning product and client journey. 

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