Creating the perfect rockery

There are few more impressive sights in a garden than that of a rockery. If you have the space and desire to make one you can have a real stand out feature in your garden that we surely become a source of, good-natured,  envy and a definite talking point. What do you need to do to get one?

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First and foremost you’ll need to clear a space and create a natural hill. This requires a considerable amount of digging and earth moving.  To save time you might want to look at getting some Nottingham Mini Digger Hire in to provide you with some heavy-duty machinery to speed things up. You should make sure that all weeds are removed and then cover the surface with landscape fabric as this will stop them from coming back through.

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Once the ground is ready you need to litter it with rocks. Here is where you can be a little bit creative. For example, you could include bricks and broken paving slabs. Whilst rocks are commercially available you could also look around old quarry’s (taking great care of yourself and safety) and find some offcuts there. Start with the large rocks at the base and work upwards. You can create small and large growing platforms and pockets for compost to promote growth.

In terms of plants, Heathers and Alpines are by far the best option. There are a variety of colours to choose from and you can create a real carpet of plants that seem to tumble down the side and over the stones.

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