21st-century campervan confirmed by VW 

The classic VW campervan is instantly recognisable and was one of the features of the 1960 flower-power revolution. Since then, it has become a way of holidaying for many families around the UK and further afield. As car and motor home ownership increases, Volkswagen has announced it’s reinventing its campervan with modern twists.

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The original campervan was known for its rattling petrol engine and basic features, but people now want more luxury. There are even companies that convert other vehicles into modern campervans, such as Welsh Coast Campers. This shows the type of elements that owners are now looking for.

The revised VW campervan has a green electric motor and will go on sale in Europe, North America and China in 2022.

21st century campervan

The new model comes with stylish two-tone split paintwork and a contemporary, almost flat, front end, with an oversized VW logo that is back-lit. It has LED lights to the front and rear, a glowing strip around the van to divide the two paint colours and large 22” alloys.  It also comes with Vehicle Tracking systems that was probably sourced from sites like www.vehicle-accessories.net/vehicle-tracking/ inside so the owner can know exactly where the campervan is at all times.  This is handy when away on holiday and if your van gets stolen because wherever it ends up you can find it.

The interior features more space than the original, due to the lack of a petrol engine and the batteries are positioned under the floor, which provides greater flexibility in how the van is used.

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There are eight seats and these can be changed into a dining table layout with a simple switch of a button. The seats also flatten to provide a more comfortable arrangement.

Campervan holidaying remains popular with many and this can be seen by the increase in ownership of caravans and motorhomes (which is expected to rise from 755,000 now to 889,000 by 2030.

Self-driving mode

The company has designed this 21st century model to be capable of adapting to changes in driving legislation and it will have a self-driving feature when this becomes legal, featuring a ‘lounge mode’. This creates a touchscreen system out of the steering wheel and allows passengers in the front to swivel round to face those in the back.

The campervan will have a restricted top speed of 99mph, be able to go from 0 to 60mph in only five seconds and have a range of about 373 miles on a full charge.

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