Why do cats get fat?

The cats are pets that improve the lives of many people. However, sometimes owners become overly concerned when they feel that their cats are gaining weight and cannot find a just cause for this process, other than food intake. Although this argument is part of the solution to the problem, we answer your question, why do cats get fat so that you can regulate its weight and healthily prolong its life.

Why do cats get fat?

Most owners neuter their cats at an early age. This means that the feline needs a third of the needed food before being neutered to feed itself. If it continues to eat the same amount of food as before, it will quickly and easily gain weight.

This inadequate food intake leads to being overweight and, with it, the appearance of different diseases in your cat. Thus, it is likely that if your cat becomes overweight, it will suffer from diabetes, arthritis, skin problems, heart disease, and an increased risk of cancer.

Likewise, the overweight of your cat will make that from the time it reaches the age of seven. It has three times more possibilities of risk of death than those cats that do not suffer from this pathology. So, we recommend that you act actively to avoid being overweight.

Calculate your cat’s overweight

Many owners are unaware of their cat is overweight. To achieve this, you must analyze both the length and the size of its hind legs and abdomen. Thus, if you can touch its ribs directly from the back, you will get the answer that your cat is not overweight. Otherwise, it would help if you acted to reduce its weight.

Tips to achieve the correct weight in your cat

You can take many steps so that your cat does not suffer from overweight. Thus, it is convenient that you give him several small meals a day and if you spend many hours away from home, provide him with food through an automatic food dispenser.

In the event that the cat asks you for extra food, it is important that you do not give in to his request and, on the contrary, distract him by offering him games or caresses. It is also essential to fix time a day to play with him.

With regard to the cat’s own diet, it is important that you do not overdo it when rewarding it with sweets or treats that it likes. On the contrary, you should provide him with a balanced diet based on foods that do not promote overweight. In this way, you will get him to have a much longer and happier life.

In other cases,

The food imbalances derive from the lack of knowledge of the cat’s physiology and from the belief that some extra tidbits certainly cannot be dangerous but only satisfying for the feline, with consequent excessive intake of certain nutritional principles. However, cats with a few extra pounds with aware owners administer quality food and in quantities that meet normal needs from an early age. Excluding hormonal disorders, it is necessary to investigate the possible causes of obesity.

In the case of obesity, it is important to follow a precise and scrupulous diagnostic procedure. The veterinarian can understand the etiology of the problem: whether this pathology depends on a metabolic disorder or a management problem or because it is affected by a behavioral disorder.

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