Do You Know How To Use The Pumice Stone Correctly?

Due to our daily habits and the use of closed footwear and not always the most comfortable and appropriate, our feet suffer great wear and tear, which proliferates the appearance of damage and injuries to the skin, such as corns and calluses. Today we want to introduce you to a great ally to fight against them, the pumice stone.

What is pumice stone?Pumice Stone

It is a vitreous volcanic stone, of low density, very porous, and of white or gray color, known as Pumita. For its formation, the lava in contact with the air undergoes a great decompression, producing the formation of empty spaces, separated by thin walls of volcanic glass. These cavities make it have a lower density even than that of water, (it can float in it) and a lightweight that facilitates its transport.

We can find it in a wide range of colors. From the practically black tones that the stones with large bubbles have, to the almost white color of the pumice with much smaller cavities, through yellow and gray.

Its abrasive effect makes it used as a glass cleaner, eraser, to wear jeans, to treat furniture … although the utility we want to focus on is its use as an exfoliator on the skin.

It is a very effective tool when it comes to removing dead skin, calluses, and calluses from our feet, hands, and elbows. But not only that, after using our skin will be much smoother and much better looking.

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Steps and Tips for Using Pumice StonePumice Stone

Clean the feet thoroughly. Before using the pumice stone, we must wash the part of the body that we want to exfoliate thoroughly. In the case of the hands or elbows, doing it during the shower will be enough; However, if it is your feet, the process to soften the corns will take a little longer. Soak them for a few minutes in warm water, mixed with soap with a neutral pH, and wait for the skin to be smooth and soft.

Moisten the stonePumice Stone

So that it glides smoothly over your skin, without getting stuck, it is convenient that the pumice stone is also wet. To do this, place it under the hot water tap or submerge it next to your feet.

Rub gently

Pass the stone over the areas you intend to exfoliate. Do it with circular and gentle movements, without pressing too much, until you notice that the hard skin is falling off and new skin appears. Focus on your heels, toes, and areas where dry skin tends to accumulate.

Rinse the area and repeat if necessary

If you still observe and feel that you have areas with a hardness on your skin, repeat the process again until you get a satisfactory result.

As the pumice stone wears out each time you use it, turn it over each use to get the best result. And wash its surface frequently to keep it effective.

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