Top 5 Paper Stationery You Must Have in Your Office

When it comes to keeping the paper stationery in the office neat and organized, one thing is for sure – it must be high-quality and eco-friendly. High-quality paper stationery is needed for the professional look of your businesses and its durability for keeping a record of all documentation. On the other hand, it must be eco-friendly and sourced from sustainable resources because every one of us must leave a green imprint on the planet and find a way how to protect our environment. By opting for eco-friendly solutions, you are fighting for the cause of less paper waste and less cutting of trees – thus, decreasing deforestation. For that purpose, here are 5 paper stationery every office must work with.

Perforated Paper

Perforated paper is an excellent solution to divide the document into several sections where each of the sections is a legal document, signed by the company. It is also known as A4 perforated paper, as it is the same as the A4 standard copy paper with the difference that it has perforations across the sheet. It can be printed normally in a standard laser or inkjet printer.

It is a great solution to be used as an invoice, pay advice slip, remittance advice, statement, ticket, brochure, consignment note, company memo, etc. It can be found in various colors and custom perforated to suit the business needs of the user.  

Continuous Copy Paper

Another solution for invoices, statements, or any other document that needs to be printed in duplicate or triplicate copies. It is also known as dot matrix paper, continuous feed computer paper, or tractor feed paper, and it is printed in dot matrix printers. It can be plain continuous computer paper or software-specific continuous computer paper. The first one is excellent for longer runs of data that need to be printed and can be found as 1, 2,3, or 4 ply, each ply in a different color.

The second type is to be used with specific software so that any type of invoice can be printed quickly and efficiently. They are usually pre-printed so that your business can get the professional look it deserves.

Carbonless Copy Paper

If you really want to make sure your office paper stationery is really eco-friendly, opt for the use of carbonless copy paper. It is an excellent choice for contracts, application forms, multipart books, warranty forms, delivery dockets, etc. No wax carbon sheet is put between the sheets to produce the instant copy. Instead, the sheets are coated with chemicals that, when they come into contact due to the pressure of the pen, the image on the second, third, fourth sheet is created.

You can also find carbonless pre-printed books that are ready-made for you so you can easily create the documents you need, including statements, delivery dockets, adjustment notes, or invoices.  

Labels on Sheets

For your labeling needs in and out of the office, you need labels on sheets. You can use the labels for organizing the folders of documents or as an address, shipping or pricing labels. The best thing is that you can design and create the labels so that they add to the building of a professional image, and you can do that on your computer in your office.

There are various types that are available, including matt white permanent labels, labels with a gloss finish, synthetic labels, fluorescent labels, and so on.

Pay Envelopes

For a safe distribution of the employees’ payment, the pay envelopes are the right solution. they can be Self-Seal, Peel and Seal or Pressure Sea. They are extremely confidential as all the private details regarding the personal information of the employee and details about their pay are secured by a security hatching area that prevents reading from the outside. 

They are specifically designed to be compatible with various accounting software packages so that the printing process can be done quickly and cost-efficiently. 

The Bottom Line

All in all, all of the paper office stationery suggested here are designed for the benefit of the user and the planet as well. they are cost-efficient, easy to work with and are eco-friendly. In a world of digitalization and computers, all office work and record-keeping tend to be done on the computers. However, this doesn’t decrease the amount of paper wasted in offices when other solutions than these on the list are used. Documents are still printed and because of that, the companies must make an effort to find the best solution both for their businesses and the environment.  

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