iPhone Not Receiving Text Messages from Android Phone

Sometimes iPhone not receiving text messages from other OS base phones like android phones, there are several reasons, it could be the fault of messaging app. Or the address can be modified by the Messages app’s settings.

To solve this problem

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Click on the Message option

Step 3: There are SMS, Group Messaging, iMessage, and MMS are enabled.

If there are not enable. Just click on the toggle button and make them enable.

This process can solve this problem if you properly configured the Messaging settings. Though you are facing this problem and still unable to receive text messages from another OS-based phone (Android phone) then you should need more settings to enable receiving text messages from other OS-based phones. Just follow more rules and enable your phone to receive a message from an android phone.

iPhone Not Receiving Texts

Fix Network Problem

Though everything is okay in the iPhone settings, iPhone does not receive text messages due to a network problem. So check and ensure that your phone has a stable and strong network connection. If it does not display any service indicators or network lines on the top status bar, then you have to fix something else. This problem can be happed when the tower is far from you. In that case, you try to get close to the tower or you can move one place to another place and notice on network status bar on the phone display. If you notice that your network status bar has changed and increased the Network Lines but still your iPhone does not receive a text message from android then troubleshoot software problems that are preventing iPhone to receive text messages from android.

Lack of Storage

Sometimes iPhone does not receive text messages from Android or another OS-based phone. Because there is a storage problem when iPhone doesn’t have much storage to store a new text message that time also iPhone not receive a text message from Android or other OS based phones. If your iPhone is brand new then it would not happen but it is an old iPhone or you take a large number of photos, video and you have a huge document or something like that which consumes huge memory space. Sometimes iPhone not receiving messages due to lack of storage. So free up some space. To free up space you can delete unnecessary photos, videos, messages, or documents.

There are many problems also for this iPhone not receive text messages from android. Here some solutions you can try

Quit Your Messaging App Then Reload It

This solution is temporary for the messaging app. In that case, you can force to close the app as you generally do. To close the messaging app or other apps on your iPhone just follow the steps bellow

Step 1: Go Home screen

Step 2: Pause your finger on an app which one you want to close.

Step 3: Swipe your figure left or right for finding messaging app preview

Step 4: After that swipe up on the app’s preview and close it.

You can clear other background apps on your iPhone. To clear other background apps just simply follow these which are given above.

Update Apps and iOS to the Latest Version

There are many third-party messaging apps. Sometimes there are some things wrong in the app development which can be the cause of not receiving the message. Sometimes it can happen for OS. If the latest iOS is available for your phone then it will automatically download and install. But if you don’t configure your app to automatically update then you have to set it manually to check and update your iOS. The latest update fixes many bugs which existed in the previous version. To update your iPhone Apps follow the guideline bellow

Step 1: Go App Store

Step 2: Click on the Update

Step 3: You can update one by one or all together

To update iOS

Step 1: Go settings

Step 2: Click on General

Step 3: Software Update

You will see a notification for the update if the iOS new version comes and it is available for your phone then install it.

Reset Network Settings

Network error is also a reason for not receiving text messages from android phones. Fixing network error it is not a big deal. Here steps are given to fix the network problem

Step 1: Go Settings

Step 2: Click on General

Step 3: Scroll down until Reset come

Step 4: Tap on the Reset

Step 5: Select Reset Network Settings

To Reset you have to enter your passcode than click on the confirm.

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