How to make a face mask with fabric?

I have just done finishing making over 300 face masks with fabric at home. I have not done it for any business purpose; it is completely for me and my whole family. The most interesting fact is that for a DIY face mask you don’t even need a sewing machine.  Actually, it is super easy, completely safe, and fun if you know the process how to make a face mask with fabric. Here, you will get to know two super easy DIY methods to make a face mask with fabric with or without elastic completely at home.

Well, in this pandemic situation it has become extremely important to wear masks. So, to keep yourself safe from this pandemic it is important to know the process of making face masks. Moreover, sometimes it is not safe to purchase it from a store. The most exciting benefit of a DIY face mask is you can give it any style, color, or shape so that it can fit in with your outfit.

Super easy methods to make a face mask with fabric

How to make a DIY face mask without any sewing machine

It is a very simple way to do it. In this method, you can give your mask your preferable cool look. As it is summer season, I used ocean and sky-colored fabric to make a face mask at home. But in this method, the mask will be slightly rounded. Moreover, with only a single piece of material, you can make it that’s what makes it super interesting.


  • Fabric (Preferable cotton)
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • A round plate to use as a template (10-12 inches or 24-28cm in diameter)
  • A wire (Optional; use it for the hack parts)

How to do it

  • Firstly, place your cotton fabric on a plain surface. Then place a round plate of 10-12 inches or 24-28cm in diameter at the top of the fabric and draw a circle with pen or pencil on the fabric then cut the cloth with that measurement.
  • After cutting it, fold it twice that will give your round fabric four curved triangle edges. Then cut through the edge or side of the triangle and you will get four separate shapes.
  • Now place one small piece of fabric over another in a way that the wrong side of the cloth will be on the other side and the other will be on the inner side. Do the same with the rest of the two parts of the shape.
  • Now stitch both of the pair along the edge of the round shape.** Ensure that you left no space left while sewing. But leave a small space at one end for entering elastic or ties.
  • After sewing both of the pairs, unfold the triangle and then you will get a dome-like structure. Place one of the pairs on the top of the other pair, front sides together.
  • After that, you just fold the one hand that you left for inserting elastic or tie. Preferable size for the elastic is Adult- 8inches, Teen- 7 inches, and child- 6 inches. Then, after inserting the tie sew it down. It can be done easily by hand. Do exactly the same on the other end. 

Hacks for the spec user

**If you use spec then there will be a chance of having fog in your spec lenses. In this case, you can do one simple step. You can insert a wire into your face mask. You just have to insert the wire in the top middle part of the mask and then simply fold it down. For that you can use jewelry wires or even simple sandwich bag ties will also preferable. Then, you have to sew along the top edge part. Keep reading Aloe vera uses for face: How this natural remedy works on our face?

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