How to choose the right eye glasses for your face and be perfect!

Whether you are nearsighted, astigmatic or you simply pay attention to your eyes, someday you will need to buy a pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses! To help you choose, we take stock of the rules to understand which eye glasses are best for you.

Choosing glasses may seem simple: we go to the optician with a prescription, look at the available models, try them on and choose our favorite. This logic does not make a turn, everyone is free to choose the glasses they prefer, but the reality is that our face gives us very precise indications, both for its shape and for the color of the complexion we have. From cat-shaped eyeglasses, to round ones, from burgundy to tortoiseshell, the choice is really wide, but let’s try together to understand which ones are perfect for us based on our face! Did you know that the way you fix your glasses reveals who you are? Find out before you start …

How to choose the right eye glasses for your face

Before that of the color, the choice of the frame is essential. If you find the one that suits you, regardless of the look you choose, you will be beautiful. The choice of frame depends on the shape of the face: square, round, oval or triangular. Depending on this feature, you could target more on one frame than on another, to find the harmony that suits the shape of your face. All this lies in creating a balance between the lines, in dampening or enhancing certain angles, in rounding or making certain lines more angular. In short, just as we dress according to the physique, so we choose the frames according to the face. But let’s go into detail immediately!

NB: If you have a prescription from an eye, do not forget to show it to your optician before choosing glasses. There are frames that do not lend themselves to all types of correction.

Eye glasses suitable for a square face

The square face is a face full of personality: the jaws are pronounced, forming the perfect frame. What we have to keep in mind when we are going to buy a pair of eyeglasses is that we must not make our face more severe, on which there are already more squared lines and angles. Indeed, we must try to dampen them, focusing on softer and more sinuous shapes. So what to bet on? Choose a round or oval frame whose curves soften your features. You can focus on vintage, nostalgic and stylish styles, or on a frame that combines this aspect with a more modern and innovative cut!

The glasses suitable for the round face

The round face is a sweet and accommodating face par excellence. The shapes are soft, the sinuous and welcoming lines. We have to focus on a pair of eyeglasses that avoid making us look like Japanese cartoons and give a different twist to our look! Opt for a square shape, or a cat shape with obvious angles, “to structure” your face. If you choose round glasses, opt for a frame that has at least some angles, in such a way as to break the already round face lines and create more movement, with small angles.

Eye glasses suitable for the oval face

The oval face can have various curves: it can be very regular, but also well stretched. Depending on the type of oval you have, you need to opt for a pair of eyeglasses that best suits you. In principle, the oval face is the most proportionate and adapts to all types of frames, from classic to more particular ones. However, try to avoid the thin ones that would risk stretching your face even more. If you want to be on the safe side though, a thick rectangular frame will make your face bigger and less long.

The glasses suitable for the triangular face

The triangular face is more common than you might imagine, this is because it simply consists of an oval face with a beautiful pointed chin, which outlines a triangle with the base on the forehead. The lines of a triangular face can be softened by smoothing the straight lines with round-shaped eyeglasses. Choose an oval frame with rounded upper edges, ideal to counterbalance your slightly pointed chin. If, on the other hand, the chin is longer but round, opt for a more square and broad shape, so as to create an interruption in the lines of the triangle.

How to choose the color of eye glasses according to the complexion

To make a suitable choice for the face at 360 °, we must also keep in mind the color of our complexion, both to highlight its shades and to avoid the “abstract picture without taste” effect. In short, choose the color of the glasses according to the tone of your skin. Do not believe, in fact, that it is only a matter of taste, in fact, often the colors speak to us before our emotions (and we cannot let ourselves be influenced in the choice of glasses!). Your choice on which color would fall? Find out what it tells us about you!

In the meantime, here are our tips to choose eye glasses according to their complexion …

Light skin

Dare a frame in shades of blue and its complementary colors: pearly black, plum, magenta, pink and mauve. For metal frames, choose tin, enameled metal, satin or bright silver. As for tortoiseshell frames, choose them dark and amber. The green frames will stand particularly well to red.

Amber skin

Color that suits you is yellow. But military green, sea blue, red-orange and ivory are also very good for you. Choose a golden, copper or bronze colored frame. Golden-brown frames are also perfect for your complexion.

Dark skin

If you have very dark or black skin, focus on bright colors: you can opt for a red, a white, but also for a blue or a golden. Your luck is that the warm tones of your skin look good even with very clean and particular colors, without making them look like a punch on your face.

The characteristics of comfortable eye glasses

Here are some tips to understand if the eyeglasses you are choosing, in addition to feeling good, will also make you feel comfortable and comfortable:

  • The bridge must marry the shape of the nose without tightening and leaving marks.
  • The temples must rest on the ears. If they are curved, they must follow the shape of the ear to end up behind. Typically, they are adjustable.
  • The frame without the lenses must be able to remain on your nose without bothering you.

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