How many types of lawyers are there?

If you have ever needed legal advice and finished without being very clear on how to get it or what types of lawyers to consult.

Below we detail all types of lawyers in addition to their usual field of action.

Once you are clear about what type of lawyer is the right one for your case, it will be much easier for you to achieve success in the next legal advice or process.

What lawyer do you need for each situation?

Below are the different types of lawyers and a description of their main function and their field of action.

Criminal Attorneys

Attorneys specializing in criminal law and crimes

These lawyers specialize exclusively in the Criminal Code, be it any criminal case, be it suffered or committed.

In case the lawyer is in charge of defending the injured person, (the person who receives the criminal act), he will be in charge of preparing and presenting the complaint or the lawsuit and also appearing as an accusation.

Otherwise, in the case that the criminal lawyer is the defending party of the offender, (or the person who commits the crime), the criminal lawyer will be in charge of the defense process and probable sentence reductions or other legal agreements.

They are in the Criminal Courts, the Provincial Court and exceptionally in the National Court.

Civil lawyers

Specialists in Civil Law, and the daily life of people

Unlike the previous ones, these types of lawyers are totally focused on civil law and deal with both natural and legal persons.

Civil lawyers are specialists in the civil code and refers to the rights of people with the state, among other functions, are responsible for disputes between private interests.

They are working in the courts of the first instance and in the provincial hearing.

Some of its functions are related to claiming economic debts, divorces, incapacitations, inheritances, maintenance, separations of property and a long, etc.

The different types of civil lawyers, in turn, are divided into several specializations, family, administrative, etc.

Let’s look at some of the different branches of civil law:

Family lawyer

Civil lawyers specialized in Family rights

These lawyers, often referred to as a divorce solicitor, deal with all the legal aspects related to the family. Especially in the area of divorces and separations, due to their complexity, and they are responsible for ensuring the legality of all these processes.

Another of its functions are the cases of compensatory pension and the fulfillment of all the obligations derived from legal problems of filiation and adoption.

Real estate lawyer

Civil lawyers focused on real estate law cases.

They specialize in cases such as evictions, occupation, land clauses, mortgages. Click Calgary Mortgages to find out the best.

A real estate lawyer knows all current legislation on real estate and is able to defend your rights on this issue in case of disputes.

Labor lawyer

Another branch of a civil lawyer specializing in Labor Law

Labor lawyers focus on cases related to what has to do with the workplace.

One of its functions is to intervene in conflicts or disputes between workers and public administrations, or private companies.

They should know everything about the different labor bodies such as the social security institute. The different employment services, and social security.

Administrative lawyer

A civil lawyer who deals with administrative processes.

It serves both public sector entities and individuals and private companies that need solutions in the administrative field.

They make allegations, appeals, and others related to the administration.

The related to expropriations and valuations, in addition to subsidies and aid. land planning and urban planning among others.

Mercantilist lawyers

Specialized in commercial law

These types of civil lawyers focus on relationships between companies, ensuring compliance with trade laws.

Its scope is in the commercial courts, or in the courts of the first instance.

Resolves conflicts that occur between merchants and businessmen as well as individualistic law.

Finally, this lawyer will be very useful when problems arise in the development of contracts, commercial companies and negotiations between companies.

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