Different types of goldfish

There is not only one of goldfish, but several varieties that differ in shape and color: let’s discover the most common ones. There are many different types of goldfish. Let’s see

The family of the golden Carassi, more commonly known as goldfish, is quite varied and includes many varieties with truly particular characteristics. In fact, through selective crosses, it was possible to generate specimens of redfish with different variations in shape and color.

In addition to the different shapes of the body, squatter or more tapered, different configurations of the eyes and fins are also added.

The more extreme varieties of goldfish are a little less resistant than those more similar to the original wild golden crucian and therefore must be kept in a fish tank.

Let’s discover at this point some of the most common and particularly different types of goldfish.

10.Bubble eye

The Bubble eye or “Carassio Water Bubble Eyes” is a variety of redfish that has eyes facing upwards, under which there are two bags that contain liquids. It has a stocky body and a bilobed tail.

9. Comet

The Cometa goldfish has an elongated body with long fins: the tail is forked and with pointed lobes. The comet can be red or red and white.

8. Moor

Moor or Blackmoor is a completely black variety of goldfish. The body is stocky and the eyes can be both telescopic and normal. The tail is facing downwards, formed by several folds.

7. Oranda

The Oranda has an oval body, a high dorsal fin, and a double caudal fin: in the head area, it has the wen, a characteristic fleshy outgrowth that can be defined as goose head, tiger head, and lion head.

6. Shubunkin

The Shubunkin has a stocky and rounded body, similar to the golden crucian but slightly shorter. The skin tends to blue with spots that can be white, black, purple, red and orange. There are four types of Shubunkin: Bristol, Japanese, American, and London.

5. Ryukin

The Ryukin is a variety of redfish with a stocky body, high back with a marked hump, which starts behind the head. The Ryukin’s tail is bilobed, long or short.

4. Celestial

The Celestial or Piagnone has a short, oval build, a prominent belly and eyes turned upwards. Without dorsal fin, it has a double and short caudal fin. It is usually red or red and white.

3. Nymph

The goldfish of the Ninfa variety has a stocky and oval body with single fins: the tail is also. The coloring of this variety is usually metalized.

2. Fantail

The Fantail, also known as Double-tailed Orifiamma or Oranda calico has an oval body with double caudal fin and high dorsal fin. The coloring of Fantail is very variable.

1. Wakin

Wakin is a variety with a shape similar to the wild Carassius auratus. The body is robust and elongated with metallic shades that make it look like a koi carp.

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