Different Types of Food Borne Illnesses

Food borne illnesses are all too common these days and are caused by many things. Bacteria, fungi, parasites and other organisms can all be responsible for causing food poisoning in humans. Different types of food borne illnesses come about when one of these organisms is present on food or in water and gets into the human body. It can then cause an infection or a symptom to appear.

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Salmonella poisoning – This organism can cause nausea, diarrhoea and other types of sickness if it is ingested. A few of the different types of foods that you might find that are contaminated with salmonella include poultry, meat, eggs and soy products. A common way to prevent this from happening is to cook all your food to a temperature high enough to kill any germs. To be safe, you should also wash any produce that you use very well to remove any traces of salmonella from it. For advice from Food safety Consultants, visit MQM Consulting

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E-coli – Most people have heard of e-coli, but many aren’t sure exactly what it is or how dangerous it is. Generally speaking, this is a strain that has evolved from salmonella. This can come from the ingestion of infected food, but it can also come from being in contact with contaminated soil or water – which means that there are many different ways that you can become infected. The best way to protect yourself from e-coli is to make sure that you always wash fresh produce thoroughly before eating or preparing.


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